Tuesday, February 7, 2017

How We Watch TV Today

Following current political chaos has become too time consuming for me, many facts hidden as usual, so once again I am on a Trump Break and thankful I don't have to deal with the issues that confront so many Americans in protests across the country. (That is not so say the residual fallout will not affect everyone). What I learn each day is that I don't know enough about geopolitics to competently talk/blog about it and neither do most people who say they do. Few get Trump because he doesn't make sense to even himself at times. It makes you wonder who is really dictating his decision making. Enough about that ...

I am enjoying many old and new crime series that feature tech to solve crimes - my kind of shows - set in today's rapidly changing world and yet with similar themes of terrorism, conspiracy but better ways of crime solving. Last night, for example, I watched 'Quantico", "24 Legacy" and better still a new FOX drama, "ABP". Check them out on your device of choice.

How we watch TV seems to be another topic discussed with friends. Traditional ways of watching are changing or should I say ending for many. Digital gadgetry and on-demand media are changing the way we watch TV. Young people don't watch much at all often using old TVs for gaming.

DVD players are becoming a thing of the past - I rarely use mine. I have a cable TV modem used to record up to six shows an hour if needed and I love it - playing back favorites on that cable box or the two others in my apartment - so I watch what, when, where, and how I want see stuff or just delete.

Friends have all kinds of interesting ways of watching their favorites - Netflix, Hulu, on-demand, and online devices which are far less expensive ... yet I remain an old fashion girl who loves watching my favorite shows on TV, fast forwarding though things I don't want to see, and saving the things I like at the place I want to go back and see them again.

As a visual learner, of course I use YouTube and other tech to get information specially as quality improves. I use my cell phone when I go out - but as I work from home I use a landline and other devices as my primary means of communication.

We all have to adjust to changing times, tech, and a better way ... or not as some things are Fake News ... but then again did you ever believe everything you heard on TV? To some degree we are all conspiracy theorists. ... And with all that, the way we watch TV is going to change again as Generation Z become adults and are programmed for something more.

February 10-11, 2017

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 22° Leo

Full Snow Moon

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Daily Mail - February 6, 2017

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