Saturday, November 25, 2017

Another Fade to Black Reminder

Wednesday evening, I was talking to Linda Z about the unique synchronicities we have shared and how it all goes back to Coney Island where two little girls grew up three blocks apart in the matrix of an amusement park area. Linda had explained that she has always been connected to overlapping circles, even planning her college research reflecting that algorithm.

Now, let's get to the good part of the story... as we sat there talking, she wanted to know a bit more about the fade to black experience. I gave her the Cliff Notes version as we plan to meet Tuesday for lunch to discuss more.

Suddenly, as if I said the magic words "Fade to Black," my computer monitor went to black, startling me at the synchronicity of it all. The monitor returned to real-time for about one minute, then faded to black a second time. WTF ! This repeated a third and final time as if symbolic of third dimension then all was gone ... message received, over and OUT!

As a person who is always prepared, I have a back up monitor but somehow the connection between monitor and program is being missed, so Saturday morning I took Mac to a local Mac Repair Store for a diagnostic. I will have the results on Monday. The consensus is it's the video card.

You may be thinking it's time for a new Mac but I love the silver tower in which I dwell most days especially with its beautiful 30 inch cinematic monitor. I will fight to the death to keep Mac alive! Everyone from the people at Apple support to people who know about this type of machine say fix it.

On another note, a friend who lives in Southern California told me about swarms of earthquakes along the San Andreas Fault in recent days. He follows EC ... no, not Ellie Crystal .... well, that too ... but Earth Changes. Like many others in the Ring of the Fire he wonders about recent articles having to do with the slowing down of the Earth's rotation leading to increases in earthquake activity in 2018. I remember reading long ago that at the end of the cycle called "Time," frequency accelerates as magnetics decrease, all part of end times once again. Don't you somehow sense that we're getting closer?

A quick note on Trump and Company ... though I know you're up to speed on most of the dramas and probably, like me, find them distractions or diversions that keep humans engaged. The only thing that came to me this week as I read about Jared Kushner was he could go to jail ... like father ... like son.

About the increase in sex scandals ... this will never stop unfolding and should not be a moment but a movement.