Wednesday, November 29, 2017

I Never Saw This Coming
Who's Next?

Today anchor Matt Lauer fired due to sexual misconduct. Another week .... another story ... Who's next?

AND don't forget who was interviewing Bill O'Reilly on HIS misbehaviors, asking if Bill thought he had any part at all. As Matt Lauer did this interview, was he thinking that he'd be next in the spotlight? Who else are we seeing, right now, that have these secret misbehaviors? More importantly, who will we be reading about next, that is even more well known. This should be called, Wake-Up America. And as my friend, George, always says, there are no conincidences.

This week you must have read about sexual misconduct and law suits against Massage Envy. The reason I am mentioning it is that one of the franchises, in Westport, Connecticut, is for sale and a few months ago my daughter Nikki thought about buying it. My immediate reaction was NO! After research into the financials ... Nikki decided it was a bad investment. Wise choice.