Monday, November 27, 2017

Monday Memos

Today is Cyber Monday. It's a great day to shop if you know how to navigate the internet. From, one of my favorite places, to, and if you go to NBC The Today Show, you will pick up some great pointers.

Otherwise, it's back to work and normal routines, for many who were away over the Thanksgiving weekend. I hope you enjoyed your time as you return focus to your normal programming and experiences.

On a personal note, today I find out the fate of my computer. Can it be fixed or do I need to buy a new Mac? To be continued ...

As a fan of Meghan Markel, I am happy to announce that she has found her Prince, as they officially announced their engagement today, though many of us feel they've been engaged for months. For some of us old timers, this takes us back to another royal wedding between a Prince and another American actress - Grace Kelly who married the Prince Rainier III of Monaco in April 1956. In the Magic Kingdom we call Earth, we need happy endings wherein people get to share their lives together to the end no matter what obstacles they incur. I've been a fan of Meghan since her days on the TV series Suits and hope that her demise on the show does not mean they're going to kill her off. Her character is about to marry in Royal fashion on the show. 2018 will be a memorable year but those of us who follow ...

As many of us are connected to events in ancient Egypt, often seeing ourselves there in various spiritual roles, at this time, we look at Friday's massacre in a mosque in the Sinai resulting in the death of over 300 people. It would appear that the human algorithm has always been a killer!

Sunday, I watched the film John Wick 2, noting how actor Keanu Reeves was back in his old form as Neo in The Matrix. There was a subway scene which again connected me to The Matrix. As I was unfamiliar with the John Wick series, I also was not prepared for .... the appearance of actor Laurence Fishburne ... another connection to The Matrix. The film sets up a third in the series which could turn out to be a trilogy much like The Matrix. At one point I thought Trinity would show up ... or even better The Oracle. Just fun stuff as you as we meander consciously through the Matrix of this reality.

Until the Alabama election on December 12, many will follow the dramas of controversial former judge and politician Roy Moore. One would imagine the people who live in that state would be knowledgeable about who he is and what he did. On Thanksgiving, as friends and neighbors drop by throughout the day, one of them was a senior at Auburn University in Alabama majoring in Human Resources. I was surprised when she looked at me blankly having no knowledge of the Roy Moore affair. I guess we place our focus where we are programmed at any given time in the matrix of reality.