Sunday, November 26, 2017

Eco Therapy

With days getting shorter, many people who suffer from depression and related disorders develop Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD. I've blogged this many times in the past, as people go in search of answers, feeling tired, unmotivated, frustrated, and depressed. Even things that pass the time, such as reading, watching TV, and the internet, may seem boring - been there - done that - what's next without resorting to substance-abuse and medication?

This year, emotions are heightened by events that include healthcare, money, natural disasters, climate, stress, and anxiety about our current unpredictable president's behavior. Did you ever consider that it's all part of a greater plan? You can protest wherever and whenever, but things are going to play out, as is programmed.

Truth is surfacing about reality, but on a soul level - the eternal questions of why we are here, and where it's all going, nudging away at souls who will one day enlighten to the fact that they evolved in a programmed illusion - here today - gone tomorrow.

I have blogged about the benefits of being in nature, as a healing tool. Recently, someone mentioned the term Eco Therapy - parks vs. pills - to relieve the stress of shorter days with less sunlight.

You all know the benefits of being in nature and have spiritually connected one way or another. It creates temporary balance in brain chemistry to get you through the day. It's a healing tool, like deep breathing, meditation, martial arts, and yoga ... Still the mind ... Quiet the chatter that some people live with on a daily basis.

The inability to heal emotional problems and stop creating physical reactions and disorders is very frustrating to both humans and healers. Sadly, this is the programmed algorithm we are here to experience, along within the full gamut of emotions.

Ellie in nature ... I am lucky, in so far as I live across the street from a large park ... with the Atlantic Ocean at my "doorstep". From dawn to dusk, I feel surrounded in nature and its beauty. Every night, I watch the sun set over the Verrazano Bridge in brilliant color spectrums that make me stop and admire them. As they mix with the clouds, it's like watching creation telling me a story. Life doesn't get better than this. As I sit here now, I'm watching three boats slowly sailing under the bridge on the cold, but clear day in the city. What could be more balancing?

Try to find your place in nature. Connect, don't collide. Find a tree and hang a holiday ornament on it. As silly as that sounds, you might get a laugh out of it and, as we know, nothing is more healing than humor.