Monday, November 13, 2017

Stargate :: 12 Around 1
To Create Physical Reality Grids

The posts below are connected reflecting the beginning, the middle, and the end of this edition of realty. Our saga, written hard against the backbone of history, is awash with mythic overtones, replete with revelations of mystical realities. It is our journey brought for into the element of time for your experience.

Iran-Iraq 7.3 Earthquake and Political Quakes

  Powerful Iran-Iraq earthquake is deadliest of 2017   CNN - November 13, 2017

2017 Kermanshah 7.3 Earthquake   Wikipedia

One would hope that major chaotic events such as this earthquake would ignite the humanitarian part of our programming as souls ban together to help each other. Sadly things will return to their normal politically driven programming in the future.

Sunday night I watched three of my favorite shows dealing with politics, terrorism, and espionage - NCIS LA, Berlin Station, and Madame Secretary. The audience and writers may think they know what's going on behind the scenes in the global panorama of politics, but the equations update too quickly. For those programmed for the high and lows, there will always be new connections with another set of circumstance that define reality and engage players. The Trump administration is a spike in the grids that diverts and deceives as some choose to speculate on who did what, when, and to who. If the grids didn't update, the audience would not remain engaged. Computer end program.

Iraq - Persian Gulf - Mesopotamia

Iran - Ancient Persia - Zoroaster - Anunnaki - Stargates

Tigris and Euphrates Rivers - Garden of Eden

Genesis Flood Narrative

Connections to Saudi Arabia

Aerial Images May Unlock Enigma of Ancient Stone Structures in Saudi Arabia

Sacred Stone Structures ~ ~ Megalithic Sites

Saudi Arabia   Wikipedia

I never write about Saudi Arabia but as of late have mentioned internal political upheavals and their effect on the global picture. When I scrolled down the Wiki article, the Dilmun Civilization caught my attention with its references to ancient Sumer which takes us back to the beginning and how this biogenetic experiment came to be. Anunnaki The stone structures displaying pyramids with circles on top take me to the 1994 film Stargate when Daniel Jackson (James Spader) figured out how to open the stargate.

Stargate: 36 around 1 To Create Consciousness Realities

Source and Streaming Consciousness

The color red references physical reality - the seat of emotions.