Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Finding nothing new to blog about today, I decided to go out for a while. Along the way I met a neighbor in the food industry and asked him for a suggestion. He smiled and said, "Check this out" .... Bob Blumer's Dishwasher Salmon Recipe. Just a silly thing in this crazy world.

Politics and abuses on all levels highlight along with the return of Trump. If you like your share of political dramas to discuss today there are lots to pick and chose from as corruption will always run deep - Trumps, Clintons, Sessions and of course Roy Moore who should be gone for all the reasons you and I agree on. Whether Moore wins or loses, there is no good outcome for Senate Republicans. In a bipartisan democracy, as with anything that starts with the word "bi" the pendulum will always swing back and forth for experience. It's all about duality.

I often listen to the news when driving. Yesterday I heard something that stunned me - 50% of the population has high blood pressure. It seems to coincide with the increase in anxiety, depression, and substance abuse everywhere.

Stories of death and destruction after the Iran-Iraq 7.3 earthquake also take center stage. The aftermath of the quake is just starting to unfold. Recovery from natural disasters is an accelerating theme especially in areas were dwellings are poorly constructed..