Thursday, November 30, 2017

When Everything Surfaces

The hologram continues to regurgitating all of the secrets that has kept it running throughout history. It's as if a cleansing process is taking place in all realms of the hologram as it closes. You already know many of the events that have gone wrong, understanding that humans don't call the shots but there are things such as the collective unconscious, secret governments and ruling classes, perhaps alien intervention, and other factors that are bringing this all into play in this timeline ...

My friend John in Florida shared another murder-suicide story, this one out of Washington State, involving his niece, her husband, and their son. Authorities investigate suspected murder-suicide in Sammamish. Though John hasn't spoken to this side of this family for years, it is just another example of the madness that permeates the grids and may one day touch the lives of someone you know.

The increase in sex scandals is collectively affecting the subconscious of everyone in the hologram. If I was a man in power, and knew women were going to come forward with sexual allegations, I would prepare for dismissal.

Today anchor Matt Lauer fired due to sexual misconduct. Another week .... another story ... Who's next?

AND don't forget who was interviewing Bill O'Reilly on HIS misbehaviors, asking if Bill thought he had any part at all. As Matt Lauer did this interview, was he thinking that he'd be next in the spotlight? Who else are we seeing, right now, that have these secret misbehaviors? More importantly, who will we be reading about next, that is even more well known. This should be called, Wake-Up America. And as my friend, George, always says, there are no conincidences.

This week you must have read about sexual misconduct and law suits against Massage Envy. The reason I am mentioning it is that one of the franchises, in Westport, Connecticut, is for sale and a few months ago my daughter Nikki thought about buying it. My immediate reaction was NO! After research into the financials ... Nikki decided it was a bad investment. Wise choice.

Earth Speak

Reports have it that the Earth's rotation is slowing down leading to an increase in earthquakes for 2018. Personally I think more deadly earthquakes in populated areas have been on the increase for years and 2018 may highlight in some unexpected areas. The element of surprise rules in end times.

Travelers stranded in Bali, by the eruption of Mount Agung, are departing the "Island of the Gods". Embracing the moment, rather than feeling trapped in an unwanted experience, they view it as a spiritual journey knowing that they will return home one day soon. This parallels the Journey of Humanity in the Alchemy of Time.

For today let's revisit my friend Pat's 2005 Journey to Bali

Code Talkers

Codes and secrets rule the algorithm in it's many facets. From humans to extraterrestrials, hidden codes and agendas keep us in engaged in reality. It's about deciphering that which is not obvious to illicit a hidden truth.

I've always been fascinated by the Native American Code Talkers. They helped define and influence a positive outcome during World War II. You have to wonder if their secrets reflect the stupidity of the white man highlighted this week with a Trump encounter. This is what happened

Fade to Black

Thursday November 30

It hasn't been easy working without a computer but thanks to George, I've managed. There are no plans to replace my Mac Pro as I await a new video card. I love the silver tower in which I dwell most days, especially with its beautiful 30 inch cinematic monitor. The video card will arrive either Saturday or Monday. The backstory to this saga began Wednesday November 21, 2017 ...

While talking to Linda Z about the unique synchronicities we have shared and how it all goes back to Coney Island where two little girls grew up three blocks apart in the matrix of an amusement park area. Linda had explained that she has always been connected to overlapping circles, even planning her college research reflecting that algorithm.

Linda wanted to know more about the fade to black experience. Suddenly, as if I said the magic words "Fade to Black," my computer monitor went to black, startling me at the synchronicity of it all. The monitor returned to real-time for about one minute, then faded to black a second time. This repeated a third and final time as if symbolic of third dimension then all was gone ... message received, over and OUT!