Tuesday, July 26, 2011

27 Means Endings

Over on Face Book -- I have 4,988 friends with 5,000 the max and 384 requests. How do I chose? Working on it - with a new friend I met there. If you have the same belief system as me, and we are not as yet friends, please send a request. The love and light people are really nice, but not on the same frequency, and mostly stuck in antiquated theories.

Also on Facebook ... Sunday friends asked about age 27 as representing 9 or endings in referencing the death of Amy Winehouse. Amy's birthday was September 14, 1983, which carries the energies of number 9. She was also entering Saturn Return, a major turning point in anyone's life which represents changes. Amy was obviously mentally ill as determined by her behavior, appearance, and substance abuse history. She clearly had challenges she couldn't overcome, so she literally self medicated with drugs and alcohol until she burned out. It is indeed very sad.

On ET [Entertainment Tonight] - Monday night they talked about something called the 27 Club occasionally known as the Forever 27 Club or Club 27 - the name for a group of influential rock and blues musicians who all died at the age of 27. The 27 Club consists of two related phenomena, both in the realm of popular culture. The first is a list of five famous rock musicians who died at age 27 - Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, and Kurt Cobain. The second is the idea that many other notable musicians have also died at the age of 27. With the exception of Cobain, everyone else was my age born 1942-1943. I am sure there are others entertainers who are not as well known.

Speaking of the entertainment industry -- Monday I received a call from a friend in media out in LA who is producing a show about the Reptilian influence on the planet now and asked if I would like to partake in the adventure. I presented my theories on Reptilian mythology, the Sumerian gods and how it all intertwines within the Hologram - Matrix. To date, I do not plan to do the show, as without tangible proof -- and no one has it -- it would sound too pseudoscience. The people of planet Earth seek The Next ... which is indisputable proof. That will come at the end of the program.

The coolest part about Ellie and Reptilians ... Do you remember this experiment? You sit across from someone in a dimly lit room, stare into their eyes and see whomever appears as their facial features change and information streams into your consciousness about their parallel experiences. Since my 2010-2011 experiences with Reptilians - when someone looks at me I immediately morph into a male reptilian. Interesting. I even tried the experiment with a cop client when I looked into his past/parallel lives. When we were finished he said, "Ellie, I am not sure how this is done, but as soon as I looked into your eyes, you changed in a Reptilian." He had no frame of reference for that. I most often turn into Z or another male. I am rarely a woman. Maybe I wanted to have the Boob Experience !?

July 25, 2011 - was a 9 day - (add the digits) ... Time to 'strap on a pair' and get to Monday night's broadcasts featuring opponents President Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner, who looks weird and perhaps is a Reptilian (just a joke). There were no winners and lots of losers -- the American people most of whom believe an agreement will be reached in time - in Mercury Retrograde (Repetitions and Delays). It will be the 11th hour compromise that saves the day - at the closing of the bell - but is nowhere close to resolving the problems.