Thursday, July 7, 2011

7/7 - Judgment Day

This morning, as I'm driving to Connecticut, I will be listening to the radio to hear about Casey Anthony's sentencing. I don't know anyone who thought Casey was innocent. Everyone ... and I mean everyone ... is talking about the verdict and its aftermath. Will she go free today after serving almost 3 years? Will she ever be safe? Will she make millions on book rights and a TV movie? Does she know, or remember what happened to her daughter? How does mental illness affect judgment and memory? Does her behavior add to the growing knowledge about the craziness of the human condition?

As you know - and so it was written - end times go to Judgment Days in a manner of speaking, as everything turns to chaos and the behavior of humans is judged - though it shouldn't be as all is preprogrammed. Is this another metaphor in Thoth's program? Is this about the symbolic weighing of the feather and transition into consciousness. Should we believe in antiquated theories and doctrine? No. Bible? No. Returning false ET Gods? No. But check out the UFOs in the video below.

From AZ to NZ - UFOs in the Dust Storm?

Wednesday, my daughter Tracy arrived from Phoenix with her family, staying in Connecticut. She told me about the Monsoons in AZ and the epoch dust storm (shades of Egypt) they experienced. Is this a sign the Phoenix is rising? How about little Noah and his flood story?

Haboob Hubbub: The Science of the Monster Phoenix Dust Storm   Live Science - July 7, 2011

The massive dust storm that swept through Phoenix, Ariz., Tuesday night, reducing visibility to near zero and delaying flights, was a whopper, meteorologists said. The dust storm is what's called a Haboob (Arabic for "strong wind"). In the United States, haboobs are common in Arizona, Texas and New Mexico. But yesterday's haboob was more like something you'd see in the Middle East or other arid regions around the world, said Ken Waters, the warning coordination meteorologist with the National Weather Service (NWS) in Phoenix.


Over in NZ we find this story ...

Magnitude 7.8 quake hits off New Zealand: USGS   Reuters - July 6, 2011

A powerful magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck off the Kermadec Islands, northeast of New Zealand, the U.S. Geological Survey reported on Wednesday.