Sunday, July 10, 2011

Nikola Tesla

Somewhere in time I have a connection to Nikola Tesla who died in NYC, 10 days before I was born. It has something to do with time travel and all sorts of cloak and dagger adventures focusing on the 1920's - 40's. Tesla's contributions are as far reaching as those of Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, and his 'nemesis' Thomas Edison. He invented wireless communication, basic laser and radar technology, robotics, star wars and tactical warfare, and so much more. As he worked during the timeline when reverse engineering with alien space craft was beginning, you have to wonder about his connections. Did aliens show him images of what he was to create?

If you were part of the esoteric world at that time - meeting people like Aleister Crowley - you might have concluded that Tesla 'channeled' many of his famous inventions. Those were indeed interesting times that opened the doorway to our current reality in more ways than one is aware. Do you think he understood that reality is a hologram?

On Syfy channel's Sanctuary - one of the main characters is Nikola Tesla whose sense of human and intelligence keeps viewers coming back for more. It's all part of The Program, in which Tesla was one of its greatest creations.

July 10, 1856 - January 7, 1943

Nikola Tesla

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Nikola Tesla was born on the stroke of midnight. He was a world-renowned inventor, physicist, mechanical and electrical engineer, best known for his many revolutionary contributions to the discipline of electricity and magnetism in the late 19th and early 20th century. His contemporary biographers have deemed him "The Father of Physics", "The man who invented the twentieth century" and "The patron saint of modern electricity".

When force and matter separate, man is no more.

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Do you remember when ...

... you went on your first date? best date ever?

... you fell in love for the first time?

... you had sex for the first time?

... you got married? the first time? second time? more?

... you discovered metaphysics? how?

... you found your career?

... you asserted yourself?

... you were in college ... university? best memory?

... you drove a car for the first time?

... life made sense?

... the economy worked?

... the first time you smoked? weed?

... the first time you got drunk?

... you were truly happy?

... you did something ridiculous just for the hell of it?

... people didn't tell you to work on yourself?

... issues were something someone else had?

.... Betty Ford was the First Lady?

  Former first lady Betty Ford dies at 93   AP - July 9, 2011

Betty Ford said things that first ladies just don't say, even today. And 1970s America loved her for it. According to Mrs. Ford, her young adult children probably had smoked marijuana - and if she were their age, she'd try it, too. She told "60 Minutes" she wouldn't be surprised to learn that her youngest, 18-year-old Susan, was in a sexual relationship (an embarrassed Susan issued a denial).

  Home to Betty Ford's rehab center absorbs loss, reflects on her legacy   MSNBC - July 9, 2011

... relationships lasted?

Remember that old relationship you hung onto years ago - to the point of OCD? Aren't you glad it's over? Are you also proud of the fact that human consciousness has a better understanding of why many relationship don't work ... and others do?

Here is my favorite couple - William and Kate. Why does the world love them? Because they are so up and exude positive energy. This goes beyond royalty as most royals have the usual issues and then some. This is about a couple in love having fun.

  Prince William, Catherine mix business, pleasure in California   CNN - July 9, 2011

  Before polo match, Prince William jokes, 'I'm not a good loser'   CNN - July 9, 2011

Prince William, joined by wife Catherine, arrived Saturday at "one of the most beautiful polo grounds anywhere in the world," as he put it, to raise money for charity in a polo match and compete for a specially designed Tiffany trophy.

... Derek Jeter started with the Yankees?

Jeter hits home run for his 3,000th hit   MSNBC - July 9, 2011

Mobbed by his pinstriped pals after the ball sailed into the left-field seats, showered by ovations from his fans, Derek Jeter stood alone - the first New York Yankees player to reach 3,000 hits.

... Crop circles were real?

Remember when we used to look at the interesting crop formations and wonder about them? Then we discovered they were hoaxed as people came forward and described how they created them. Still there were believers. Today I looked at the 2011 formations on Crop Circle Connector and had to laugh at how poorly they were designed. A July formation called Unfinished Symphony begs the question, "What happened here"? Did ET go on strike? the recession? Is the crop circle insert finished much like the rest of the program - nothing new to report? Do you still look at crop circles and try to decipher what they mean? Not enough time to finish. August has always been the height of crop circle season with many majestic formations in past years, so we shall see.

... we discussed white buffalos and white buffalo calf woman?

Remember the excitement after the birth of the white buffalos in the 1990's? Since then other white buffalos have been born in the US, most recently one named Lightning Medicine Cloud, born in Greenville, Texas June 29, 2010. If white buffaloes are harbingers of end times - why are we still here?

  The incredibly rare sacred white buffalo who's one in ten million   Mail Online - June 30, 2011

'He¹s the hope of all nations': Rare white buffalo named   MSNBC - July 9, 2011

Thousands of people came from miles around Wednesday to see and honor a legend in the flesh - the white buffalo born in a thunderstorm on a northeast Texas ranch. The rare white buffalo calf, regarded as sacred by the Lakota Sioux, was honored with Native American prayers, religious songs and the solemn smoking of a pipe in a special naming and dedication ceremony at the Lakota Ranch in Greenville, about 50 miles northeast of Dallas. The calf was named Lightning Medicine Cloud - a reference to the thunderstorm that marked the arrival of his birth as well as a tribute to a white buffalo born in 1933 named Big Medicine.