Monday, July 18, 2011


Nine months ago, I read a woman who had been trying to become pregnant for many years. I told her not to give up. That month she got pregnant the normal way after trying all sorts procedures that failed, but most likely left her fertile. She had a second reading about 6 month ago, and I predicted a healthy baby girl. Shortly after that she found out she was carrying a girl. Early last week she emailed that the baby was due. I told her she would give birth on the full moon July 15th as babies like to be born on full or new moons. Little Cameron was born that day. My client emailed the details from her hospital room with the good news. I guess I'm a mom again. Congrats to all!

Another baby girl born in the energies of the full moon: Sunday: Ivanka Trump gives birth to baby girl with husband Jared Kushner, couple's first child   NY Daily News - July 18, 2011

Soon souls everywhere will be reborn

as the cycles of existence continue

beyond the alchemy of time forever

guided by the music of the spheres.

Monday morning -- This week the world will once again focus on -- debt talks, the phone hacking scandal, and the weather, among others dramas that will emerge at home and globally. Stay cool.