Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Apocalypse 2012

Sunday I recorded most of a program called Apocalypse 2012 on CNBC (finance). I never follow any of this, but it would seem people are doing a lot - capitalizing on the 2012 catastrophe theme to make money from the gullible who believe and follow - or should I say are programmed to believe that is what they should do. True, I had read about these things on the Internet, but don't know anyone who is preparing for a future after a cataclysm because the planet will not be sustainable.

Most of the people selling survival products and underground shelters, don't believe the world will end next year, but are making lots and lots of money in a bad economy, and are honest enough to admit it. One man said he started creating his line of survival products after the Y2k Problem watching many people make money based on the gullibility of those who bought into that drama. It's all just a gimmick - a con - based on fear. Many have websites and solicit donations for their cause.

Let's take 2012 to another group of people - the metaphysical healers, helpers, light workers, channelers, etc. Are we really back to them again? Guess what? They are also after the money! No surprise as they created system after system to that end and compete about whose is bigger and better! Many have designed clothing, jewelry, iconic art work and more, in the believe it is going to make a difference. That's so 1980's and 90's. They have workshops and believe they can change the grids ... seriously!? Why are we slipping back to old ways? I had to wonder as I watched the broadcast. These people and all their energy work never changed the grids in the first place, so why would they believe it now?

Let's go to Sedona ... and meet Peter Gersten a former criminal defense lawyer in NY and now in Arizona, who shares one thing with Ellie - Reality is a Hologram - or did he read it on Crystalinks and it made sense? He believes the program ends on December 21, 2012. His "Leap of Faith" draws attention to him. (See videos below). A portal won't open. If he jumps - he's toast. Don't do it Peter. Peter Bishop can't help you. Walter Bishop can't help you and the Observers will say you never existed. (giggle) Just let things play out and fade to black.

    What I believe is that time is an element of the illusion/hologram/program and will end in and around 2012, but not definitely on it. Things rarely happen on due dates. Each soul in the program will know before the program closes. Everything else is just subconscious reminders about the end. CUT !

    BTW - I am having more and more dreams about the end. They are coming closer and closer with greater intensity and clarity - like being in labor (childbirth). It won't be long now. Keep pushing. In 2012 it will be 40 years since I had my last baby - Noah's Mom - a Libra born 10.19.72 close to 12.21.12. 40 is always a mystical number.

But I digress .. back to Peter and this quick bio I found online. Peter Gersten is a well-known figure in UFOlogy at least since the 1970s. He filed suit against the CIA in U.S. District Court in 1977 for release of documents concerning UFOs. This resulted in over 900 pages of documents being released, although there was little in them that wasn't already known. There were 57 pages that were held back due to "national security" concerns. UFOlogists made a big stink about this, claiming it's proof of a government cover-up. However, the files were held back because they might allow other nations to gain information on U.S. capabilities in electronic and signals intelligence. For example, there was one document where the CIA listened in on a Cuban pilot discussing a UFO sighting. The problem wasn't the UFO sighting, it was that we didn't want the Cubans to know we'd been able to hear their pilots' conversations. Now retired to Sedona, Arizona, a center of a supposed 'New Age energy vortex', Gersten says that he plans to take a "leap of faith" from Bell Rock, a well-known vortex in Sedona, at the moment of the solstice: 11:11 UT on Dec, 21, 2012.

In Part II Peter talks about the hologram.

The Criminal Justice System

Speaking of lawyers - the Criminal Justice System in any country has always left a lot to be desired.

Let's look at the Casey Anthony trial. Tuesday, when I blogged, I knew she would set free, not because Casey and her family were not guilty, but because proof beyond reasonable doubt was not presented. I don't think it was premeditated murder, but she did kill Caylee, probably because she is among the millions of people who are capable of murder due to emotion problems and substance abuse. Often they don't remember what they have done and family helps cover things up. The world will talk about this trial for months to come.

On the matter of ... Dominique Strauss-Kahn ... he's guilty of sexual assault, but will walk away, the charges dropped, to face another accuser in France. For many woman, and some men, he represents a man in power who thinks he is bigger than the law ... not so fast. Sex is destroying the careers, reputations, and marriages of many men who abuse. The sad part is ... not all who will stand accused will be guilty, but many will fall. It's like Judgment Day for every soul here.

A male friend called with a sad story this morning. The woman he is dating has a girlfriend who is going through a divorce that is so bad, she hung herself in the garage Tuesday. So here we have parents killing children, people getting away with rape and murder, and suicide on the increase ... the list is endless.