Friday, July 29, 2011

It's UFO day !

Let's start with the premiere of the new film Cowboys & Aliens

starring two of my favorite actors Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford.

Cowboys & Aliens Website

Did you ever wonder about aliens in the Old West or Wild West Grid? I did lots of research about that timeline with friends who shared memories of events of who we were and what we did - long before we met. As with the Nazi grid program which followed - and the Civil War Program that had just finished - the presence of alien visitors and UFO's was always there. It was mostly the Grays, but we saw others above and below in ships and in underground chambers, especially where people mined for gold in those years. It's interesting that gold and a,ins seem to overlap as in the Sumerian God Mythology - they created us to mine for gold and will return one day ... you know the rest. At the end of the day, you must remember that alien visitation has always been part of Earth's History, in one form or another - Creation as seen by some, Watchers, Teachers, more.

Thursday night the History Channel aired an episode about Aliens and the Old West.

    This episode looked at American Old West legends that may have involved ET contact, such as the Aurora, Texas UFO incident where a local cemetery claims to hold a body from an 1897 UFO crash; Utah petroglyphs that depict figures who appear dressed in spacesuits; a 19th-century report of an otherworldly creature emerging from California's Elizabeth Lake, and a story of cowboys shooting down a metallic bird near Tombstone, Arizona.

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