Friday, July 8, 2011

The End of a Mission

Lots of things feel like our mission here on Earth is coming to an end.

If you were visiting here from another planet, or reality, getting ready to leave after time spent here studying the planet and humanity, what would you be doing today? What would you take back with you?

Sci-fi's Stargate and Star Trek missions ended as series, teaching us a lot about science, mythology and more. They were a metaphor for our time here in physical space. What seemingly remains are reruns - recycled plots that await a final outcome and closure. Wait for it.

Thursday, all eyes were on Florida for the Casey Anthony sentencing.

Friday, if the weather holds, we return to Florida as history is made with the final launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis at 10:00 am. Atlantis' journey to the International Space Station will be NASA's 135th and final mission in the space shuttle program.

It's been 30 years since the space shuttle program began and so much has happened in space, yet the truth about ETs remain as much an enigma to the public as it did then. I've met one astronaut during this window, who was visiting here in 1994 and came by with a friend who worked in Wash. D.C. at the time. Yes, they have seen more than they are allowed to discuss, but you already know that. Friends and clients who live in Florida have seen the shuttles launch, and report that the sight never ceases to amaze them - spectacular.

The final astronaut crew to fly on a space shuttle has a secret in store for everyone watching when the astronauts pause during their mission to offer a tribute to NASA's 30-year shuttle program. The four crew members have some special souvenirs packed on shuttle Atlantis, but what they are, they aren't saying.

  Atlantis gears up for shuttle program's final mission   CNN - July 8, 2011

  Space Shuttle Atlantis Last rek to Liftoff   MSNBC - July 8, 2011

The Final Space Shuttle Mission   National Geographic - July 8, 2011
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Up ... up ... and away!