Wednesday, December 25, 2013

8:00 am ... Merry Christmas. I hear bells ringing from the local church 6 block away.

I hope you are enjoying the holidays with family and friends. It feels like Christmas in the city, now that winter has returning. It's funny how we are programmed to associated things in our lives but connecting the dots - or grid points to verify experience.

About Santa ... most children no longer believe after a certain age, but some hold onto the notion a bit longer because they want presents and/or a sprinkle of magic much like belief in the tooth fairy. Of my grandchildren, only 8 year old Noah still believes.

With the changing face of planet Earth, Christmas takes on a new look and meaning in many areas this year. People who live in local coastal areas are celebrating at home for the first time since Hurricane Sandy (much like a small tsunami) destroyed homes, churches, schools, and more, one year ago. Tomorrow, December 26, marks the 11th anniversary of the Indian Ocean Tsunami caused by a 9.3 underwater earthquake.

I've been busy with family and friends. It's always nice to catch up with each other's lives, and what better time than the end of the year. I have two groups of friends. The first go back to childhood. I call them my mainstream friends - educated, no metaphysical background, no emotional problems nor substance abuse issues. Next are the endless number of friends I've made in my 30-year journey into metaphysics, programed for all sorts of dramas that set them on their metaphysical course.

At the end of 2013 ... the first group have done their homework and are programmed to understand and accept the nature of reality as a hologram, often having questions about where it's all going. The second group - mostly wounded souls - have made the rounds of metaphysics but are still programmed to seek answers. Along the way they discover they are too burned out to work and seek a way - any way - to create income within the overly saturated fields of healing. You know the patterns. It's never easy but you can sense where it's all going.