Tuesday, December 31, 2013

For readers a day ahead, Happy New Year.
For everyone else, have fun on New Year's Eve.

We come to the end of another year as we mark events in our linear time experiment. Many didn't expect us to consciously be here this long, yet here we stand on the threshold of 2014 (7) as we move to 8. For many, the journey into awareness came to fruition years ago, while others still process the myths, metaphors, and messages. Patience down here is the learning lesson, while connections to consciousness allow us to understand it is ending.

Here in the city, we wait for Times Square celebrations, and the end of the 12 year reign of Mayor Bloomberg - the man who came to office after the 9/11 insert created the beginning of the end. What comes next? If you are a player, you will follow the events and argue the facts, if not, you will relax and wait for zero point.

The Reboot

An interesting thing happened when I rebooted my cable box Monday night. The word "boot" initially comes on divided horizontally with the letters not aligned, then it reboots. I've seen this before, but last night, it triggered something. I generally sleep 9 hours uninterrupted, don't remember dreams, then wake up with my consciousness rebooted back into my Ellie body. On rare occasions, I come back into my body too quickly - the images in my mind resembling this phenomena of not horizontally aligning properly.

Conclusion: When the images are not aligned, my consciousness needs to be rebooted or reset for my Ellie physical experience or the projections are off. For me this is rare, but for others with faulty brain circuitry, this must happen often, causing further dysfunction in physical processing. Further, with inserts changing quickly as linear time comes to a close, every day will have unexpected, unplanned, and often unexplained events. In 2014 you will more consciously be aware of moving in and out of ... linear time, different realities, and grids experiences, so as you sit there, as if in a virtual reality chair, brace for impact and remember none of it is real.