Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday in the City

The Jade Rabbit has landed. I hope the Chinese confirm reports about UFOs and other things on the moon. Chinese scientists plan a lunar base in the future.

Time to bid a final farewell to Nelson Mandela buried at Qunu his ancestral home.

We had little snow here in Brooklyn but it is bitter cold. Elsewhere people face power outages, ice, and more.

This week we enter the window of the Winter Solstice as the sun moves into Capricorn.

Sadly, the image of the Sphinx covered in snow was a fake. The one of the pyramids was an obvious fake, but the sphinx looked more authentic and definitely triggered something in millions of people.

Last week's blogs had some very important messages about time and reality and how we experience them. It was not by accident that the Huffington Post featured an article about reality as a hologram, to which many physicists now agree. Human consciousness is programmed for souls to understand reality on a mental level while playing out their emotional programming as if real. Since the beginning, indigenous people have understood that we exist in a dream world or illusion to which we will awaken. In the interim, consciousness remains stuck in the loops of time, forever trying to maintain balance, as new challenges present themselves. 2013 has not been an easy year with daily inserts containing increasing challenges as if we are at the final level of a virtual simulation game. Always be prepared and proceed with caution in everything from your physical experience to your emotional one.

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Today's Birthdays and Quotes

December 15, 1970

Michael Shanks

  Michael Shanks Google Videos

Michael Shanks is a Canadian actor. Filmography

It's important to have a good sense of humor and not take things too seriously.

Being allowed to ad lib, or try things out, creates a more collaborative process.

Michael Shanks Quotes

December 15, 1945

Thaao Penghlis

  Thaao Penghlis Google Videos

Thaao Penghlis is an Australian soap opera actor.

Surrender to the energies and let them guide you.

My journey to Egypt in 2010

Thaao Penghlis

December 15, 1949

Don Johnson

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Don Johnson is an award winning
American actor. Filmography

Decorate your Christmas tree with things that are tangible and represent your hopes and dreams,
then create another tree for your veiled concepts so that they will one day come to fruition.

Don Johnson Quotes