Friday, December 27, 2013

Way to go ...

As 2013 comes to a close, people reflect on their experiences and what has changed. Patterns and predictability are often the key, but there does exist the element of the surprise that can change one's destiny forever. Think about your ... relationship, if any, income, health, education, and anything else that was part of your 2013 programming - when many believe we entered a new reality. Of course, it was new - as reality has always been in state of ongoing electromagnetic change - but in 2013 more people became consciously aware of the changes. Keep it simple. All of the myths and metaphors, teachers and energy work you did until now ... that was then. Your road ahead can only go in one direction ... up.

We enter the final weekend of 2013, so make it fun in any way that feels right for you. If you have Amazon Prime, they now offer unlimited, commercial-free, instant streaming of thousands of movies and TV shows at no additional cost. Enjoy.

This is the time of the year psychics in the past had hits and misses predicting events from year to year. No one predicts major events as they were meant to come out of the blue ... the element of surprise that keeps this programming running. Stick to science and math as they are the foundation of reality.

Below are a list of the top news stories for 2013 and some 2014 Previews. I will be adding to the list as they are posted on the various news servers.

2013 in Review

Who changed history in 2013?   CNN - December 24, 2013
Something was different in 2013. Unlike recent years, when some of the major events were powered by groups and movements -- think revolutions that seemed to materialize out of nowhere, public squares occupied without visible leadership -- this year, it was individuals who created the most unexpected or dramatic events.

Poll: Americans hopeful for a better year in 2014   Yahoo - December 27, 2013

2013: Dumbest moments in business   CNN - December 24, 2013

The Most Unusual Flexible Jobs of 2013   Live Science - December 23, 2013
As technology continually makes remote employment easier, more and more individuals are finding that flexible work opportunities suit their personal lives and schedules better than a 9-to-5 office gig. Regardless of the reason, the number of people looking to work from home or on a nontraditional schedule is increasing, as is the number of available flexible positions for them.

Pick your top 10 stories of 2013   CNN - December 27, 2013

2013: The year in pictures   CNN - December 27, 2013

Best and worst health trends of 2013   CNN - December 27, 2013

Top science and space stories   CNN - December 27, 2013

Best Space Photos 2013: Awesome Year of the Comet Shines Bright   National Geographic - December 27, 2013

From 2013 to 1963: Looking back at a pivotal year   CNN - December 27, 2013

Can't miss op-eds of 2013   CNN - December 27, 2013

Best and worst food trends of 2013   CNN - December 27, 2013

Google's Most Popular Diet: 2013 Edition   US News - Yahoo - December 27, 2013

Most popular Eatocracy posts of 2013   CNN - December 24, 2013
2013 was a big, beefy year in food news, from the downfall of butter queen Paula Deen and boycotts of Chick-fil-A over their stance on same-sex marriage to record levels of food-borne illness and some pretty public squabbles over how people treat restaurant workers.

13 stories we can't forget: The year of the personal essay   CNN - December 24, 2013
There was the news that made the headlines. And then there were the personal stories that made a lasting impact on only a few people, but touched the lives of millions.

10 women who shaped 2013   CNN - December 27, 2013
The women of the year helped bring the economy back from the brink, worked against tyranny, and championed equality, education and justice. Most of all, they helped open our eyes to how much remains to be done.

2013: The year in video gaming   CNN - December 24, 2013
It may be best known as the year the PS4 and Xbox One went head to head for the hearts and wallets of console gamers. But 2013 was also a pretty good year for the games themselves. Here are our 10 favorites.

2013's Wild, Unforgettable Weather: A Roundup   Live Science - December 26, 2013
Floods, fires and typhoons - weather fueled by heat led the news in 2013. In Colorado and central Europe, tropical moisture fed heavy rains and floods. Australia was ravaged by heat waves and wildfires for much of the year. Warm Pacific Ocean temperatures fueled major tropical storms that devastated the Philippines and Asia.

Countdown: 2013's Wildest Weather   Live Science - December 27, 2013
This year was one of the warmest on record. The extra heat helped fuel devastating weather worldwide, such as raging wildfires and widespread droughts. Typhoons and tornadoes took a terrible toll in 2013, despite a dearth of tropical storms and twisters in many parts of the world.

The year in evolution and life sciences   New Scientist - December 27, 2013
2013 was a banner year for the study of evolution, with major discoveries in everything from human evolution to the origin of mammals and the first life.

The 13 Most Obvious Findings of 2013   Live Science - December 26, 2013
1. The Western diet is bad for you. 2. Sleeping beauty is no myth.

  From Earth to Deep Space: NASA 2013 Highlights   NASA - December 25, 2013
NASA highlights its accomplishments in air and space for 2013. YouTube

39 Brilliant Scientific Minds We Lost In 2013 That Changed The World Forever   Huffington Post - December 25, 2013
The world of science and discovery lost some of its brightest lights in 2013 -- from the second American to orbit Earth to the physiologist who helped create the first test-tube baby to one of the greatest female math prodigies of all time.

2013 Top ten breakthroughs in physical science   New Scientist - December 24, 2013
From time-travel movies to wormhole entanglement, 2013 delivered a load of mind-boggling ideas. It was also the year that several big experiments delivered the goods we were hoping for: the Planck telescope provided the most accurate map of the big bang's afterglow; the discovery of the Higgs boson was confirmed, winning those who first predicted it the Nobel prize; and neutrinos from outer space were finally glimpsed. But as attempts to solve a knotty problem known as the black hole paradox reveal, we're in no danger of running out of mysteries quite yet.

The year in health research   New Scientist - December 27, 2013

The top tech stories of 2013   CNN - December 24, 2013
The biggest technology story of the 2013 is one of the biggest stories of the year, period. It has had serious implications in the United States and around the world, and half a year later its true impact is only beginning to be felt.

This Year's 5 Biggest Discoveries in Science   National Geographic - December 24, 2013
Science mattered more than ever in 2013. Climate science questions raged after Super Typhoon Haiyan pummeled the Philippines. And scientific expertise figured in disarmament debates in Syria and in Iran's proposed halt to its nuclear activities.

Gallery: Zoo Animals Born in 2013   Live Science - December 24, 2013
A bevy of adorable baby animals arrived at zoos around the world this year, and from rare panda twins to fluffy swan cygnets.

  Most Over-Covered Story Of 2013   MSNBC - December 25, 2013
Different stories and videos

Ten Weirdest Animal Stories of 2013   National Geographic - December 27, 2013