Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sherif and Ellie in Time

8:00 AM EST ... Sherif called from Egypt as we celebrate the 13th anniversary of our meeting there on 12.12.2000. We both agreed that on a personal level, things feel the same but on a universal level, those energies are gone as if in a distant reality. There wasn't even a sense of Z or a need to do anything ... our final goal just ahead. Tick tock ....

Time and Time Again

12:12 - Time is an Illusion. Perception is relative.

Thursday 12.12.13 -- Go back one year to 12.12.12. Global momentum was building for 12.21.12 which began for some souls on 11.11.11. What your mind projected to your emotional body was the way your DNA was coded for this end time loop. Everything was changing, up for personal interpretation, and still is. Looking to Mexico it was about the Mayans, their calendar, and Lady of Guadalupe Day - a connection to the projected illusion (manifestation) of Mother Mary and creation. It is always about the loops of time spiraling to zero point and how we play our games within the hologram.

This article appeared on the front page of the Huffington Post, just after I posted about time loops below.

Is The Universe A Hologram? Physicists Say It's Possible   Huffington Post - December 11, 2013

The Holographic Universe

We are stuck in a time loop that some of us remember. This time, it ENDS.

Edge of Tomorrow - I am still sitting on the Edge of a Black Hole - The Event Horizon

I'm looping this again. Hi Jack...

Facebook with Ray about this episode

The coldest place on Earth is not your area even if it feels that way today.

The Coldest Place on Earth   NASA - December 11, 2013

Antarctica   Crystalinks

Mythology about Antarctica has to do with portals to other places, UFOs, and sometimes Nazis.

Stargate SG1
Antarctica was The Lost City tied in with Atlantean Mythology and a Portal to another Galaxy.

Watch the video .. listen to the music ... close your eyes ... remember how you got here ...

Consciousness Frozen in Time

"The Frozen Lake" is an emotional place you go when you are frozen with fear, or in time, and you want to cross over to safety.

Snowy Owls - Science, Symbolism, News