Thursday, December 5, 2013

Crazy Weather

1 dead in Scotland as storms disrupt travel, threaten flooding in Europe   CNN - December 5, 2013
Strong winds and heavy rain battered Scotland Thursday, disrupting rail and road traffic as northwestern Europe braced for heavy storms sweeping across the North Atlantic and North Sea.

  Storm's 1-2-3 punch: Frigid, snowy and icy   CNN - December 5, 2013
Wednesday's official high in Dallas was 80. Thursday night brings freezing rain, sleet and a low in the 20s, according to the National Weather Service.

Do you ever wonder if accelerating Earth changes on the planet affect allegedly alien bases, UFO travel, interdimensional travel, or the like? Some believe aliens create natural disasters and severe climate changes. Truth -- It's all done by the grids which are showing us "flood stories" in end times.

Aliens and Forbidden Islands

I haven't watched the TV series "Ancient Aliens" for a long time, because the information was recycled. Last Friday they aired an episode called "Aliens and Forbidden Islands" which caught my attention, though I didn't have time to watch it until Tuesday night. It was basically speculation that remote islands might hold evidence of alien bases and giant aliens in various forms based on mythology and witnessed in more modern-day sightings. Many islands have volcanoes and as we know, UFOs are sometimes seen entering and existing not only the volcanoes but the water surrounding the islands. This is not new.

What was new were current sightings of small islands that were physically there one day then disappeared the next - not an optical illusion - some sighted and visited again later. Satellite surveillance shows this to be a fact. Sandy Island is an example mentioned in the episode.

Open to personal interpretation, I conclude that disappearing islands, monsters, aliens, or whatever, has to do with portals and moving between realities ... with inserts placed in the hologram as reminders that it all an illusion. The truth is out there and it is physical.