Monday, December 9, 2013

The Weather

It's raining in the city today but many other areas are experiencing black ice and storm conditions. It's coast to coast chaos - accidents, power outages, travel delays and more as we start the week.

  Thousands of flights canceled as wintry weather wallops East Coast   CNN - December 9, 2013
Canadian James Archibald has lived at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport for four days as a bizarre deep freeze forced airlines to cancel hundreds of flights.

Mandala and Mandela

Mandala (Updated Monday)

Nelson Mandela

Many strange things happened during the World War II timeline - or the first half of the twentieth century - inserts into our reality that would awaken human consciousness to the nature of its inception and ultimate purpose. Thus began the Period of End Times predicted by priests, prophets, and in oral traditions, since the beginning. Past, present (preset), and future, as we are lead to understand them, were about to merge as human consciousness prepared to moved beyond physical reality. It would be a time of chaos and enlightenment, the likes of which humanity had never experienced. At last the answers would become known. Read More ...