Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Crop Circle Adventures 2014

Many crop circles are created by the consciousness grids manifesting a complete pattern.
Man-made designs are created by the grids implanting images in human consciousness.
Many have encoded messages that set people on a journey to find the truth about reality.
Those created by the grids have strong electromagnetic energies.

2014 Formations - Crop Circle Connector

The Roswell Rock and Crop Circle

August 15, 2014 - "In Search of Aliens" aired a segment called "The Roswell Rock" on H2 (History Channel). Giorgio Tsoukalos researched the alleged "Roswell Rock", found in 2004, to determine if it was indeed an alien artifact. Scientific testing lead one to believe it could be authentic.

The owner of the rock, Robert L. Ridge, believes he found something from the crash that was overlooked in 1947 because it was beyond the search zone. Linda Moulton Howe was interviewed by Giorgio about the pattern on the rock matching a 1996 crop formation which she believes was not created by humans.

Read this article as it mirrors my own conclusions. Nothing is really important until we make legitimate contact and the truth is revealed.