Saturday, August 30, 2014

Enjoy the Weekend

As summer comes to an unofficial end, some people reflect on their experiences over the past few months, while others are anxious to move ahead. There's school, relocations, jobs changes, climate adjustments, and more to consider. For many, the summer comes and goes too quickly, while, for others, Autumn is their season of choice. Amidst the chaos and dramas of the world, many people will be celebrating with friends and family as summer comes to an end as they prepare for the months ahead. Enjoy your time. Labor Day in the US

August 25 - September 1, 2014

Embrace, Burning Man 2014

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Illusions and Connections

The Starry Sky under Hollow Hill   NASA - August 30, 2014

Look up in New Zealand's Hollow Hill Cave and you might think you see a familiar starry sky. And that's exactly what Arachnocampa luminosa are counting on. Captured in this long exposure, the New Zealand glowworms scattered across the cave ceiling give it the inviting and open appearance of a clear, dark night sky filled with stars. Unsuspecting insects fooled into flying too far upwards get trapped in sticky snares the glowworms create and hang down to catch food. Of course professional astronomers wouldn't be so easily fooled, although that does look a lot like the Coalsack Nebula and Southern Cross at the upper left.

Ellie's Utah Adventures

It's awesome how my blogs connect to events in the world so quickly now. No sooner did I post the image of me above - about my Utah experiences and my friend Michelle - when she sent this email:

The premier of Stranger at the Pentagon is next Saturday. My son and I fly out Friday. We are hoping the short film gets an award at the Burbank Film Festival. Then we start generating funds to make it a full length movie. Fun stuff. :)