Sunday, August 17, 2014


Saturday evening, I met up with three friends - Sherry, Pat, and Lorraine - from my old neighborhood in Manhattan Beach. Sherry and her family lived just across the street from me on Corbin Place. She told me something the strangest story. When hurricane Sandy overran much of Manhattan Beach and neighboring Brighton Beach - only Corbin Place - the block that separates the two neighborhoods - remained untouched, as if in another reality. Corbin Place runs all the way to the esplanade where torrents of water flooded everything that day - but for some inexplicable reason, diverted away from my former block. Sherry said the neighbors talked about it for days and no one had an explanation, especially as there was no seawall. She wondered if I had any idea, but I could say with certainty. :)

Sherry also shared about her grandson, Daniel Meersand who went to Hollywood and has had much success. His screenplay The Pyramid is scheduled to be released December 5, 2014, by 20th Century Fox. I remember meeting Daniel's mom, Wendy, in Sheepshead Bay a few years ago and her telling me about Daniel's life.

Sherry lived two doors down from Darren Aronofsky's grandma ... both families in my generation still living in Manhattan Beach. It's interesting that Darren's first successful screenplay was Pi when he was Daniel's age, 31 - and Daniel's screenplay is the Pyramid. Interesting energy came out of Corbin Place indeed.

Pat (Singer) and I worked on educational projects together back in the day and at 74 she still works and has esoteric interests.

They asked me to attend the The Annual Brighton Jubilee Festival Hosted by The Brighton Neighborhood Association. When I lived on Corbin Place, I used to walk over to the festival every year, but now with no parking in the area, I doubt I'll be going - we'll see. If it's another picture perfect day, I might just go. Below, Pat shares her story which gives you a look at Brighton Beach when I was a child and today with Russian influences.


Do you believe in Fate - which is actually programming within the hologram? Do you still process events as free will? Friday night on "Ancient Aliens," they mentioned the Egyptian God Shai, who I had never heard of. When I see names spelled like that, they always take me to Sarah and Alexander, so I decided to explore.

Meskhenet was the goddess of childbirth featured in the myths and legends of ancient Egypt. After a child was born, Meskhenet carried out her duty as a goddess of destiny and predetermined the life of the child. She is also depicted with her consort Shai - at the weighing of the souls.

Shai is the deification of the concept of "Fate" in Egyptian mythology. The role of Meskhenet in relation to destiny - and her association with Shai and Renenutet - is believed to be the basis for the ancient Greek goddesses The Three Fates (Moirae) the weavers of fate who determined when life began, when it ended, and all that happened in between.