Monday, August 11, 2014

The Approach

Maybe it's the full moon in my sun sign Aquarius, our rapid approach to Virgo, the explosive situations on the planet, or something else, but something is coming after a long journey in linear time.

The reptilian side of my soul's experience (Dilmun) - who emerged in my facial features last weekend - signals that change within the hologram. This may sound silly, but it's as if Dilmun is on a ship - for lack of a better word - and is telling me that he will be here soon. He seems calm and relaxed - not the least bit threatening. I see him standing on the deck looking out at vast oceans of celestial objects as he heads towards a black hole. The black hole and reality as projected illusion

How many times has each of you had awakening moments where you felt a consciousness shift, reality doesn't work for you, felt your soul aspects merging, or had an experience that allows you to know it is bringing you one step closer to the end? I would say many times at accelerating frequencies, as the illusion of time ends. Time seems to be accelerating, yet in fact it is slowing to zero when the hourglass (our class) ceases to exist. Does this have to do with the black holes created by the LHC?

The God Particle or Higgs Boson was discovered July 4, 2012, which some say was the real message left by the Mayans, as we emerge into an Age of Enlightenment or out of physical reality. That happens to be the date my book 2012 Sarah and Alexander ended. Coincidence? I think not!

Once upon a "time" ...

Did the human experience emerge as a series of simultaneous geometric inserts that forever come and go as we view them? History, as we learn it, has many errors and untold truths. It is after all, just a holographic experience set in linear time to experience emotions that will never come into balance.

Did the experiment emerge out of Africa with the Great Pyramid (geometry)?

Today Africa has many life-threaten issues highlighted by the spread of ebola - considered by many to be a weaponized (designer) virus - whose cure we originally had but has the potential to mutate into something new.

Next we find a parallel between the human "split in consciousness" to view beyond this reality and the split of the African plate.

  Study Finds Giant 'Superplume' Slowly Splitting Africa In Two   Huffington Post - August 11, 2014
In 10 million years, we might have two Half-ricas. But this isn't the doing of some Nikola Tesla-esque mad scientist and a world splitting super weapon; in fact it's due to a superplume, a massive upwelling of molten rock slowly splitting the African tectonic plate in two. Plumes of magma have long been thought to move the continents around, at least since 1912 when Alfred Wegener said that Africa and South America looked like they kind of fit together. In East Africa, scientists have only recently begun to precisely figure out why two massive chunks of land are separating by a few millimeters every year.

August 12, 2014

Perseid Meteor Showers

The Perseids are a prolific meteor shower in the comet Swift-Tuttle.