Saturday, August 2, 2014

Travel Plans

Village Inn

Did you ever want to go somewhere - not far - just a get-away for a few days? Having the urge to do that ... I made a plan with my daughter Nikki. I know the weather isn't great, but that doesn't bother me and things change.

This morning, I'm taking a car service to Penn Station where I'll catch Amtrak to New Haven, CT. It was the last seat on the train and feels like a fun adventure. Ryan, will meet me at the station ... then on to Narragansett, RI where I'll stay at the Village Inn. This also happened to be the last room at the Inn so it felt destined.


Sunday, Mathew celebrates his 11th birthday with friends and family in their two bedroom condo on the beach near the Village Inn.

Maybe it's just me ... but I prefer a hotel ... too many kids, dogs, and noise at Nikki's place to sleep there. They have great friends next door and lots of family coming. At the end of the day it's nice to be alone in the serenity of it all ... on the beach ... in a room with an ocean view.

Back next week .... May send George pics to post.