Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Micro-Holidays: The Rise of the Micro-Holiday   The Atlantic - August 5, 2014 -- It's amazing how many different things we celebrate.

Underwear: Tuesday is National Underwear Day - a Micro-Holiday. Boxers or briefs? Comfort important? Have a favorite pair? Don't wear underwear? Difference with swimwear? Different styles for different "occasions"? Sexy?

Ebola: "Secret Serum"!? Too many cover-ups. Humans manufactured ebola. The two patients should not have been brought to the US - but sometimes we do the craziest things because that's the program. Sunday on "The Last Ship" they found a Jamaican woman who had a natural immunity to all strains of the virus. This goes global.

Detroit: I wouldn't drink the water in Detroit.

California: Floods, water shortages, wildfires - Hollywood couldn't have created this better ...

Middle East: The Israeli-Gaza crisis may be on hiatus but it will never end ... until the end.