Friday, December 26, 2014

10 Years Ago ...

December 26, 2004

An Indian Ocean Tsunami measuring 9.3 on the Richter
scale creates a tsunami killing 230,000 people.

How the Boxing Day tsunami unfolded, hour by hour  
Telegraph - December 26, 2014

Tsunami Science: Advances Since the 2004 Indian Ocean Tragedy  
Live Science - December 26, 2014

  Tsunami 2004 victims remembered   Sky News - December 26, 2014
A mother had to chose which son to save.

Christmas Themes

It's going to be warm and sunny in the city today. My daughter Zsia and her family will be here to have some fun. Yesterday, I watched "The Interview" on YouTube and loved it. Noah called to tell me Santa gave him a Samsung Chromebook 2 and left a TV for Matthew's room among other gifts. I spent the day with friends baking cookies.

December 26, 2014

Boxing Day

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December 26, 2014


Ellie and George ... Dream On

I had a strangest sequence dream stopping then continuing throughout the 11 hours I slept. I never fully woke up until the end. I was driving with children taking them to safety. Over and over again I saw myself trying desperately to rescue their souls. At last I stopped and realized there was nothing I could do to save anyone while in physical reality. I got out of my vehicle (metaphor for my physical body), looked up and said, "Okay ... I can't fix things here, just end the hologram". Then I woke up knowing we are stuck in physical reality until the hologram's algorithm ends. At the same time George dreamed we were walking together. He told me it was all done, all over. I didn't seem to believe him, though he kept reassuring me in a very knowing way, and in my heart I know he's right. FYI - You can be in 2 or more dreams simultaneously as all is projected illusion.

Dreams and reality are digital simulations for learning and experience.
If you are trapped in a digital hologram, how do you become free? You wake up.
Hopefully, 2015 is the year that happens as souls are really tired of this experience.

2014 in Review Updated December 26th