Saturday, December 13, 2014

We interrupt this dream ...

Saturday December 13, 2014

There I was sleeping peaceful when suddenly at 5:25am ... in my dream I heard the blaring sound of an emergency alert system ... the kind you hear on TV ... which jolted me back to physical consciousness. As it did I heard ... "We interrupt this dream with the following messages." (Glad to see Z still has his sense of humor).

I saw a vertical strand of DNA in suspended animation at my eye level ... very slowly moving upward. This was immediately followed by my symbol for overcoming obstacles ... and finally a UFO above as I looked up when waking here. There's lots of messages with this, at least for me. It's interesting that the best image I found for this dream, in the correct color code, also includes binary code.

Another Crystal to the Rescue

The west coast is having a terrible time with storms and flooding.
My cousin Richard sent a link to a news video where his son
Steve and other neighbors created a bucket brigade to help out.