Monday, December 22, 2014

Digital Endings

My friend Bob, a retired police officer, has not sent email yet about the murder to the two cops here in Brooklyn where he used to work. Bob is Jewish, 40's, married with two daughters, and gets the hologram. Sunday, he told me that all of what's going on is creating anarchy like something you'd see in a film that isn't going to have a happy ending. People want to live what used to be called a "normal life". What does that mean today?

I believe social unrest is spreading globally with no end in sight. After millennia of being suppressed, souls are now programmed to seek freedom and will find it in a very unique way after the hologram closes. The events around the Sony hack attack takes us to war on a digital battlefield as the final battles have to be played out digitally because we are projected illusion in a simulation and art now imitates life. It's all in the codes. My New Years Wish for you is that you are programmed to get it and are safe until it ends.

This year many people are giving a psychic reading with me as a gift.