Sunday, December 14, 2014

This Week ...

Now is the time to finish 2014 projects and get into holiday headspace. It hasn't been an easy year with death and destruction across the globe and people dealing with the issues of life. Several of my clients are faced with the loss of their jobs at the end of the year in an ever-changing economy where humans are often downsized and the concept of career takes on new definition every year as workers burn out. All we can do as the month runs out is plan something special to enjoy in the moment.

Chanukah begins Tuesday at sundown ... as other holiday celebrations ripple out against a backwash of protests around the nation and in many parts of the world.

As I watched the news last night, I couldn't help but see again the parallels around the world by suppressed souls who have little or no civil rights or hope for the future without taking drastic action. This is a growing movement in end times. The eternal fight for civil rights is not just a chapter in our lives this month but it will definitely continue forward until the end. You can feel the momentum building.

  Protesting police shootings: Demands for change sound out nationwide   CNN - December 14, 2014

  Washington march: Civil rights protest over US police killings   BBC - December 13, 2014