Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Everything is subjective as all is about projected illusion which varies from person to person and moment to moment. This is why surveillance is so important - though even that can get corrupted in our judicial system - one more example of how the hologram doesn't work. Few systems work anymore and it is getting worse.

This year we looked at the cases of 4 black males - football player Ray Rice, the deaths of Michael Brown, and closer to home Eric Garner. --- NYC Police Commissioner William Bratton Meets Officials on Staten Island Ahead of Eric Garner Grand Jury Decision. With emotions raw in the aftermath of the Michael Brown decision, will things go postal in NYC just over the bridge and perhaps rippling into Bay Ridge?

Finally, there's the case of Bill Cosby who drugged and molested women over the decades and what should be the outcome. Bill Cosby resigns from Temple University board (Good Video)   CNN - December 1, 2014

Eyewitness Testimony is Far From Perfect   Live Science - December 1, 2014
Twenty eyewitnesses testified before the grand jury investigating the police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. None of these accounts is fully consistent with any other. Moreover, eyewitnesses even gave accounts that do not agree with their own earlier versions. To the public and the media, these discrepancies have been startling. But psychological scientists who study human perception and memory are not surprised at all. In fact, had there been good agreement among the various witnesses, psychological scientists would have been very suspicious and speculated that something was amiss. Those of us who study eyewitness memory have long observed that these accounts are far less reliable than people - including the eyewitnesses themselves - tend to believe.


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Scott Mandelker was a guest speaker in my home talking about "Wanderers". It was the 1990's when many people explored the concept of Walk-Ins and Wanderers which we now understand as alternate experiences one's soul is having and that none of us are from here (physical reality). Scott had written a book called From Elsewhere describing the feeling of being an alien from another planet who has wandered here at this time in Earth's planetary transition back to light. In it he stated that Wanderers are thought of as souls connected to another place, planet, or realm, who have come here on a mission, after which they will return home. That is true of all souls in this experiment, though Wanderers often feel disassociated. They do not always remember what their mission is, as the 'mission feeling' is present in the DNA codes of all humans. Sometimes Wanderers believe they have come here to prepare humanity for coming changes - perhaps a visit from ET's or moving into love and light, etc.

All souls are programmed as Wanderers in this biogenetic consciousness experiment, experiencing in many realities simultaneously. It ends at Zero Point when all souls leave the physical and return to higher consciousness as soul sparks of light. Fade to Black.

"Wanderers" Today

  'Wanderers' Short Film Paints A Brighter Future Through Breathtaking Visuals & Carl Sagan   Huffington Post - December 2, 2014
Combining breathtaking visuals of realistic depictions of a variety of places in our solar system - kindly detailed by Wernquist here -- with the ever-mind-expanding words of Carl Sagan, pulled from an audio recording of his book "Pale Blue Dot," Wernquist tempts readers to wonder what lies beyond our atmosphere and visualizes what it would be like if humanity happened to make that journey in the future. Take four minutes out of your day and be inspired by the exceptional creation above.

  Epic Short Film 'Wanderers' Envisions Humanity's Future in Space   Space.com - December 2, 2014
"Wanderers" is a short science fiction film by Erik Wernquist - a digital artist and animator from Stockholm, Sweden. Wernquist notes that the film is a vision of humanity's future expansion into the solar system. Although admittedly speculative, the visuals in the film are all based on scientific ideas and concepts of what our future in space might look like, if it ever happens.

December 3, 2014

82nd Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting 2014 Google News

Wednesday, people across the city and at home, will enjoy the annual Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremonies in Rockefeller Center. It's especially magical for the children who still believe in Santa and the magic of Christmas. The star that has topped the tree since 2004 is 9.5 feet (2.9 m) in diameter and weighs 550 pounds (250 kg). This "Swarovski Star" was created by German artist Michael Hammers, who in 2009 additionally designed his own star lighting production. Read more ...


Are you bothered by endless telemarketers? A friend suggested this website. I hope it works. Call 1-888-382-1222 or Click here.

Debra wrote on my Facebook: I just take the time to tie them up with stupid questions or ask them to hold for who they are asking for and never go back... They quit real soon because you are wasting THEIR time ... LOL... I get a call telling me I can get $5,000.00 I tell them I want $10,000.00 and they immediately hang up - haven't had a call in many many months now... but as soon as someone asks for my phone number it will start again.