Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Report

The news about the torture of prisoners, is so horrific, I can't even listen. If you watch TV shows like "24" and others that involve interrogations, most current "State of Affairs" - you know what goes on. Why are some people so surprised by the latest report? Most people now what goes on. Some may believe the ends justify the means, but that's not so. Between torture and protests over the loss of civil liberties after the Eric Garner decision last week, we are getting a look at the barbaric nature of humanity - a bipolar biogenetic experiment - almost with a reptilian feel. True to its nature, the program will end with major dramas. You can't escape programming. No wonder people drink and drug and are losing it.

Today is National Lager Day

Creating a Soul Spark

A bit of pseudoscience or is it now science ... When people tell me to describe a soul spark I ask if they ever saw a spark of white light, sometimes in the periphery of their vision. Most remember having seen such a spark and then they get it. It is electromagnetic energy therefore it is blue/white. We exist in a bipolar electromagnetic energy program that is burning out.

Scientists Use Laser to Recreate What May Be First Spark of Life   NBC - December 8, 2014