Friday, December 19, 2014

Dinner Thursday With
Mike and Jane at
Gino's Restaurant

Mike and I taught at Dewey High School, which led to a conversation about Cuba and the current situation which begs the question, "What's really going on?" We both remember when Fidel Castro came to power, the Cuban Missel Crisis, and our Cuban students.

Jane is a massage therapist who studies metaphysics and understands the hologram.

Jane showed us this photo of her friend Barbara (far left) with her sisters taken this month at a hospice where Barbara's mom was dying of cancer. That day her mom was up and around as people often do in their final hours though her mom was not in the photo. Her mom died the next day. This is a really cool picture. What you are seeing is flash glare.


Among the other topics my friends and I talked about was Stephen Colbert's final show Thursday night.

  Appreciation: The man who was 'Stephen Colbert'   CNN - December 19, 2014

Other favorite finales this week: The Newsroom, 'Late Late Show' with Craig Ferguson and White Collar (great ending)

Ascension Finale - The End of ACT III

Spoiler Alert :: Do not read further if you missed the finale and plan to watch it later.

This episode was the best of the 3-night mini series as things got explosive both figuratively and literally. 13 year old Christa, played by Ellie O'Brien, accessed her powers when she became filled with rage in the final seconds - opening a wormhole that teleported a member of the crew to another planet.

We also learned the truth behind the simulation. Dr. Harris Enzmann used a decades-long bio-genetic experiment - started by his father - to enhance evolution and produce a "star child" - that's their term - not mine. The term is borrowed from 2001: A Space Odyssey which again takes us to Thus Spoke Zarathrustra" and Z. Got it!

Things are never what they seem - or what you believe them to be - especially in a bio-genetic experiment set in physical reality and monitored from outside. By 2015 you should sense that one day soon it ends.

Does "Ascension" borrow from other story lines? Every story line in our reality falls under the same algorithms and patterns. As in "Ascension" we are trapped in a simulation we believe is real - without our powers - but in the final episode it's Ellie to the rescue.

One has to wonder ... will it take a global show of the human emotions fear and rage to ultimately do the "trick" and set us free? We sure are headed in that direction. Ellie, as with many other actresses who play teen characters with powers, bears a striking resemblance to Sarah as a child in Sarah and Alexander.

... One hour after I posted this blog ... I clicked the link for Sarah and Alexander to check it, and found something very strange that I posted April 3, 1998 before my grandson Michael was born. At the same time his mom, my daughter Zsia called on her way to work. Michael was supposed to be a girl named Sarah, yet in that moment I wrote .... ... and "accidentally" linked to the file after 16 years.

It's always about the child and the book.

This is Christa (Ellie)