Monday, February 2, 2015

Super Bowl XLIX

The energies

The Interception

The brawl

Predictions were for a close game - and it was. Did the New England Patriots win it or did the Seattle Seahawks lose and throw away the game in the final seconds?

I watched the game at home alone all cozy and warm as the next storm was about to hit the city followed by freezing temperatures. For me it was a day of accomplishment as I finished Crystalinks Paleontology files, and happy about the results. And now it was time for the game ... the first quarter nothing to write home (here) about.

Who would I favor? I looked ahead at my grandsons - Matthew (Patriots) and Noah (Seahawks) - to see who would be jumping up and down at the end of the game. It was Matthew ... and so I went with Tom Brady and the Patriots who were my choice from the beginning living in the northeast. I could "see" Matthew wearing the Patriot Jersey I bought him last Friday ... to school on Monday ... that was if he would even get there with the crazy weather ... always worse in New England. (Update from Nikki ... schools in NE are closed - roads treacherous).

It's one game (ending) we'll never forget as NE beat Seattle 28-24 ... Z waking me up as I dosed off after half time. "Get up," he shouted, "You'll want to see this." So I turned on the light and the TV - as Seattle moved the ball down the field near the goal line where it looked like they had just enough time to score and win with seconds to go. So why did Z wake me up? I could have watched it on my recording or the news this morning. I could feel Z's energies and I knew he was with Tom Brady as the camera focused him sitting on the sidelines, never giving up hope.

Then it happened - Seahawks' coach Pete Carroll screwed up big time - perhaps a Mercury Retrograde moment.. Seattle should have kept the ball on the ground and scored - instead Carroll called for a pass. What? No! Worse decision in Super Bowl history! (Ellie wide awake) I could have made a better decision. The ball sailed into the air and settled into the waiting arms of NE undrafted rookie Malcolm Butler. In a postgame interview, I smiled knowingly as Butler, who saved the game for the Patriots, said, I had a vision I would make a big play, and did he ever, as if guided.

When I was a little girl watching football with my dad, he taught me it's not over until it's over. Somewhere up there I could see him watching. I always wonder how much spirit influences the game ... not to mention the games we call our lives down here. But I know the answer to that - it's all pre-programmed and on this day Tom Brady and his Patriots were programmed to win.

Both teams were amazing though tempers flared at the end of the game. As to the commercials, lots of cars, kids, and things viewers can relate to ... until the "Nationwide child death commercial". That was dreadful - had to change channels in disbelief. There were good and bad commercials. Did weight watchers really do a commercial about dieting at an event where people snack? The half time show was glitzy but not my favorite.

  The worst call in Super Bowl history and other memorable moments   CNN - February 2, 2015

It's Monday morning on another bad weather day. The snow just turned to an icy rain, and traveling is hazardous. It's Groundhog Day not that anyone cares. Oh .. Let's not forget the full moon in Leo, solar flares, and whatever follows next.

Play ball ... the clock is still ticking ... the countdown on ...which reminds me ... Sunday I watched the 2014 film Lucy finding it quite by accident after finishing Paleontology.

The film was a great portrayal of what happens to consciousness when it reaches 100% and everything fades to black. Lucy's "fade to black" experience is similar to what I saw June 2009 when "black" lowered like a shade being pulled down outside my window but was part of physical reality for those in my area - the external becomes the internal at the end as all merges.

It ends with Lucy meeting primate Lucy as she time travels into full consciousness before fading to black.

Were the fingers touching an alien reference?

Quotes: Time is the only true unit of measure, it gives proof to the existence of matter, without time, we don't exist.

February 3, 2015

Full Moon 14° Leo