Saturday, February 7, 2015

Palmistry and Sexual Behavior

(That's a silly title)

Ellie's Palm February 6, 2015

Wednesday, I found the article below but wanted to take a photo of my palm before writing a blog and needed to find someone to capture the image. My porter, John, got the prefect photo though I'm not sure why my nail polish shows through my nails ... never mind ... not important. So here we go ... I love palmistry and create a palm print for clients who have a reading here. The palm is not just about the lines, but about the fingers - their proportion to each other, the way they bend, their width, the length compared to the length of the palm, and more. The most important finger for me is the Jupiter finger which shows leadership, teaching abilities, strength, control, finding oneself early in life, and more. I compare the Jupiter and Apollo fingers for answers. The longer the Jupiter finger is ... the stronger the attributes just mentioned. In astrology Jupiter rules Sagittarius a powerful fire sign.

Now we come to the article below which seemed interesting - faithful or not faithful in romantic relationships. I am not promiscuous - never was as Ellie Crystal. Now let's see what the article says. It's probably best to click over and read it in entirety. They also have a question about the size of your ... Jupiter/index finger.

Are you promiscuous or faithful? Measure your index finger to find out   Telegraph - February 4, 2015
A new study of sexual attitudes reveals men and women are both just as likely to want a fling as they are a long-term partner. The study also looked at photocopies of the right hand from 1,314 British men and women and measured the length of the index (second) finger and the ring (fourth) finger. The shorter the index finger in relation to the ring finger (the 2D:4D ratio), the higher the levels of testosterone that person is likely to have been exposed to while developing in the womb, and the greater their sexual promiscuity will be as an adult. This is true for both men and women. One group had a ring finger which was much longer than the index finger, suggesting that they may be more promiscuous. The other group had fingers which similar in length, meaning they are more likely to seek long-term relationships. Again, the split was not along gender lines.