Sunday, February 15, 2015

Turning 72

I hope you enjoyed Valentine's Day even if you were home alone and relaxing. Here in the northeast the weather dominates the news as we move into a new week with little snow accumulations in the city. Patience is the name of the game - no matter what that means for you. Many students are off this week away on holiday or just hanging out with friends. Kids just want to play ... so do adults. There are Presidents' Day sales this weekend for those who like a bargain.

Tuesday is my 72nd birthday with plans that may or may not happen - or be postponed. On Wednesday, February 23 my friend Pat is taking me to see the Broadway show "Beautiful". I am also in a 9 Year - 72 being another 9 - a year of closures.

I meet people my age who say they never expected to make it to 72 and view life so differently than I do - mostly due to health issues. To me nothing has changed. A friend who lives across the street - who is my age - used to work out everyday as a emotional release. I never wanted to tell him that one must temper exercise with age until last week when he told me has to have knee replacement surgery this spring. Then we had the talk about abusing one's body. Think before you overwork your emotional and physical bodies. Age and weight have a bearing on everything.


We pay attention to earthquake activity involving the Pacific Plate due to ongoing accelerating activity. It is also important to watch the movement of the North and South American Plates as indicators of bigger things to come. Plate Tectonics

I have been blogging for years that readers should pay attention to the Mid-Atlantic Ridge whose earthquake activity has increased very rapidly in recent years - from 2.0+ when I started blogging in 1995 to this current quake -- A 7.1-magnitude earthquake hit the mid North Atlantic on Friday. A larger earthquake can - and will - cause a tsunami.

February 16, 2015

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