Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday Memos

This weekend the buzz is about a car crash involving Bruce Jenner, who has been in the news of late, as he becomes transgendered. The incident is being investigated. Photos at moment of impact Interested that I ran into one of my transgendered clients last week - also going from male to female.

Speaking of the news ... Brian Williams stepped down for a few days due to one or more embellished stories he has reported over the years. I'm still going to watch him and basically trust him ... but face it ... can you trust the media on anything?

The weather ... keep emailing with family and friends in warm places who want me to visit. Not this year.

There was no Powerball winner Saturday night so I might play next time though don't see me winning anything. When is the next game?

Do you ever get tired of the violence across the world and visualize how you would fix things if you could? Can anyone?

Remember "Thelma and Louise?" On the 25th anniversary of the film, Geena Davis, Susan Sarandon mull over 'Thelma & Louise' anniversary tour. My best friend 25 years ago with a woman named Louise. We drove around everywhere in my new convertible.

On a happier "note" ... tonight is my favorite award show ...The Grammy's

Under Consideration

At an given time, your brain is considering different things. It starts from the moment you wake up each day, and continues into dreamtime where you have non-physical experiences. As you sit there now reading this ... your brain is also considering other things from the mundane to perhaps something life changing or global ... you are always sorting things out.