Monday, April 13, 2015


In some shocking news on Sunday: 2 motorcyclists killed in Gilbert AZ crash

    Authorities are investigating a fatal motorcycle accident that occurred in Gilbert Saturday night. The single-vehicle crash happened around 9 p.m. near Power and Queen Creek roads. Fire crews said two people were riding the motorcycle when it crashed. On Sunday, Gilbert police said 41-year-old Mark Samsal was driving the motorcycle. He was declared dead at the scene. Aimee Hunter, 41, was a passenger, and was taken to the hospital where she died overnight. Police said the cause of the crash remains under investigation.

Aimee was my daughter Tracy's best friend and fellow teacher. Her 3 children are very close to my grandchildren, Joie and Giovanni. So sad when adults drink and drive. Tracy was notified by Aimee's mom who is like a second mother to her. In recent years Aimee had changed - having a stomach surgery to lose weight - dropping 100 pounds in a year along with her husband - becoming another person who took up with a drinker - the man who was also killed. Strongly opposed to Aimee's personality transition, Tracy had moved away from the friendship for a while, then returned a few months ago, always with the feeling that something was very wrong and warning Aimee to drop Mark. How do you get passed this?

National Experience Week

Life is a set of electromagnetic intersecting experiences - inserts created in a programmed hologram for you to emotionally explore as if real. We change inserts as per our programming then move to the next - Aimee's experience above an example. Last night, I tuned into "A.D. The Bible Continues" after Jesus of Nazareth was crucified and saw what looked like strange happenings from the sky which was either aliens working the hologram - or the hologram itself setting things up for the next ... I recorded the final episode and watched it this morning - the resurrection - new grid insert for sure based on the laws of physics. None of it is real.

What's your dream experience? Is it to go to the Grand Canyon and spend days rafting down a river, or even go bungee jumping there? Is it to be lowered deep into the water amongst great white sharks and look straight into the eyes of a vicious predator? Or maybe something else, something a bit less extreme, like zorbing or spending the day in a luxury spa getting massages? Whatever it is that you dream of experiencing, you shouldn't let life pass you by without getting around to doing it. You only live once, right? And as if the joy and thrill of fulfilling your own dreams was not enough, imagine how wonderful it would feel to help someone else fulfill theirs! This is, in fact, what National Experience Week is all about ...

Yes, we only live once in the hologram of this experiences - but your soul is so much more. What experiences are you programmed for this week?

Hillary Clinton - Politically Correct?

Sunday, former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, 67, set out for a tour of key states at the start of her campaign to become the first woman US president. And so my fellow Americans we have months of campaigning ahead - for those who love political dramas and mud slinging. I would like to petition that there be a ceiling on how many months presidential campaigns can last - 3 is a good number in 3D. Many will believe someone will be elected who can actually clean up the mess - but we have come along way in understand the system and that there is no fix - there will always be another drama and another - thus, paralleling the eruptive forces of reality.

  Then and Now: Hillary Clinton's 2016 Campaign Announcement vs. 2008   ABC - April 12, 2015

Milky Way over Erupting Volcano   APOD - April 13, 2015

Battling high winds, cold temperatures, and low oxygen, the trek to near the top of the volcano Santa Maria in Guatemala -- while carrying sensitive camera equipment -- was lonely and difficult. Once set up, though, the camera captured this breathtaking vista during the early morning hours of February 28. Visible on the ground are six volcanoes of the Central America Volcanic Arc, including Fuego, the Volcano of Fire, which is seen erupting in the distance. Visible in the sky, in separate exposures taken a few minutes later, are many stars much further in the distance, as well as the central band of our Milky Way Galaxy situated horizontally overhead.