Tuesday, April 7, 2015

World Health Day

April 7, 2015

World Health Day

2015 Theme: Food Safety

April 7, 2015

US National Beer Day

99 bottles of beer on the wall

Monday - Fun With Mike

I spent the day with my friend Mike, 70, another High School teacher from Brooklyn who current teaches Political Science in college. Mike drove up in his 2004 Toyota .. asked what I wanted to do and I said ... "You're thinking about buying a new car, let's go." As we drove off he said, "You were reading my mind." Yup! At the VW dealership ... Mike decided on a white VW diesel station wagon. This is so not an Ellie car. I love my white Lexus SUV. A station wagon takes me back to years of carpooling when my daughters were young.

The earrings I'm wearing came from a psychic fair circa late 1980's that Mike and worked in South Hampton, Long Island. I was the psychic in the pyramid. He sold crystals ... and we laughed a lot.

Best day of the year so far ... 65° in the city and sunny

Mike and I talked about finding partners as he wants someone to share his life and I value freedom more than anything else ... in retrospect he admitted that he agreed with me and loves his freedom. Men get confused and humans are often ridiculous. Men often promise things to my female clients in the moment ... then realize they made mistake and bail. As air signs (Aquarius, Gemini) Mike feels that's one reason we value freedom. Maybe if the right man comes along I'll reconsider, but don't bet on it. We have a better shot at the Large Hadron Collider opening a black hole to close the hologram ... Hey ... you never know.

Dinner with Mike ... oldies music ... then back home.

A picture perfect day ... at last ...nothing was going to rain on my parade until ...
Tuesday ... and the rest of the week ... bugger ....

I seem to be hanging out with my teacher friends lately.

Is that the fate of my grandson Giovanni, 14, whose mom is a teacher?