Friday, April 17, 2015

Exploding Head Syndrome

The human brain is an electrochemical machine (computer) forever viewing streaming consciousness for experience and interpretation. It is programmed by binary code with patterns of experience based on one's DNA codes. As we know, there are many reasons why the brain's circuitry doesn't perform properly resulting in various forms of mental illness and the destruction of a person's ability to focus and function. The syndrome of the month seems to be Exploding Head Syndrome which affects sleep.

Speaking of exploding ...

The Sun and the Moon

The sun remains active. Makes you wonder when a powerful CMA
will reach Earth. Probably at the end of time as the hologram closes.

April 18, 2015

New Moon 28° Aries

Dating the moon-forming impact event with meteorites   Science Daily - April 16, 2015
Through a combination of data analysis and numerical modeling work, researchers have found a record of the ancient moon-forming giant impact observable in stony meteorites. The research indicates numerous kilometer-sized fragments from the giant impact struck main belt asteroids at much higher velocities than typical main belt collisions, heating the surface and leaving behind a permanent record of the impact event.

Today is ...

April 15, 2015

Ford Mustang Day

Ellie in her classic Ford Mustang convertible back in the day in Brooklyn

April 15, 2015

Haiku Poetry Day

Haiku on Crystalinks

I can't get into this or any other form of poetry, but I've noticed that
wounded souls express themselves this way. This might be a day to
embrace your Inner Poet and check in on your emotions.

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Here I am shooting a segment for Fox news - circa 1995 -
about Past Life Regressions and regressing a client.

Do you believe in past lives? Could they all be parallel experiences?

Sports Section

Game 1: Rangers Seize Quick Lead and Don't Let Go   New York Times - April 17, 2015
The Rangers' quest began with a 2-1 victory that unspooled tense and taut and that was far more competitive than the first 15 minutes the first 28 seconds, really suggested it would be After Derick Brassard whipped Madison Square Garden into a frenzy by scoring before some fans even reached their seats, and after Ryan McDonagh added another goal later in the opening period, the Rangers shackled Pittsburgh over nearly the final 34 minutes to take a one-game-to-none lead heading into Game 2 on Saturday.

Entertainment Section

April 17-19, 2015

Coachella Weekend 2

April 19, 2015

Academy of Country Music Awards   Wikipedia

50th Academy of Country Music Awards

Star Wars - The Force Awakens

New 'Star Wars' trailer released   CNN - April 17, 2015
Here you go, galaxy. The Force is back. At an emotional event in Anaheim, California, director J.J. Abrams and the "Star Wars: Episode VII -- The Force Awakens" cast showed off for the audience and then capped the presentation with the trailer for the new film. The audience gasped, cheered and applauded.