Sunday, April 26, 2015

"The Vanishings"
When Cultures Go Missing

Last week, "Ancient Aliens" featured an episode about the unexplained disappearance of one or more groups or civilizations. Linda Moulton Howe said it was part of an alien experiment. She is correct - perhaps in the alien sense - but taken to the next level in our consciousness hologram, it's about inserts added and then deleted to see how they play out - much like a computer program.

Examples were given of entire cultures that dropped off the face of the Earth with the supposition that aliens removed them for study or to preserve the human seed should there be another ELE (Extinction Level Event). That is not true. Humans are studied in the hologram. One could conclude that aliens create experiments, then wipe humans out with an ice age or flood starting again (rebooting) with a more evolved genetic code yet never allowing humans to see the truth about the illusion... until now.

Throughout history across the globe, there have been accounts of mass disappearances that defy explanation. In the episode, you simply see them deleted from the screen. In a manner of design - that is the nature of our reality - projected illusion that will very shortly Fade to Black as we disappear. You are almost history.

Watch the show

You can skip to the end to watch the conclusions of researchers.

3D Holographic Images

For some this is the next generation, but it actually exists already. It reminds me of how I see images when I do my readings.

No More Science Fiction: 3D Holographic Images   Epoch Times - April 26, 2015

Three dimensional holographic images and floating displays outside a screen have long been a favorite of science fiction movies. At the moment most 3D imagery is only seen with the aid of special glasses. But the revenue generated by this 3D technology market in 2013 exceeded U.S.$93.21 billion (almost double the global solar market), and is expected to grow up to U.S.$279.27 billion by 2018. In a paper, published April 23 in Nature Communications, we show how our technology realizes wide viewing-angle and full-color floating 3D display in graphene based materials. Ultimately this will help to transform wearable displaying devices into floating 3D displays.

Earth Changes April 2015 Updated Sunday

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Volcanoes: Chile's Calbuco Volcano Erupts, Yellowstone Magma Discovery

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Moms and Proms ... Generations

Here I am in a stretch limo going to my daughter Zsia's Prom 30 years ago.

Here's Zsia going to her son Michael's Junior Prom in Basking Ridge, NJ April 24, 2015.

Wait till you see the stretch limo for 20.