Thursday, April 9, 2015

Thursday Memos

This week on The Good Wife and Person of Interest, they showed the disastrous effects that can happen when your life goes viral. This was about the release of emails dating back not just days and weeks, but months and years. Anything you email or text can be found and posted so be careful.

We often ask, "Can you afford marriage?" How about, "Can you afford divorce?"

Tax season is here. Have you paid your taxes?

Severe weather across the country continues.

Another white cop killed another black man but this time the video shows it all and the cop was fired. This is indeed a criminal case that is unfolding as Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is found guilty on 30 counts in the Boston Marathon Bombings. Video: A Closer Look at the Walter Scott Shooting

The Obama Doctrine: Iran: No signing final nuclear deal unless economic sanctions are lifted on same day   CNN - April 9, 2015

This is Soft Disclosure

NASA Chief Scientist Ellen Stofan Predicts
We'll Find Signs Of Alien Life Within 10 Years

Enrico Fermi and extraterrestrial intelligence   PhysOrg - April 8, 2015
It's become a kind of legend, like Newton and the apple or George Washington and the cherry tree. One day in 1950, the great physicist Enrico Fermi sat down to lunch with colleagues at the Fuller Lodge at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico and came up with a powerful argument about the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence, the so-called "Fermi paradox". But like many legends, it's only partly true. Robert Gray explained the real history in a recent paper in the journal Astrobiology.

I'm not buying this story...
Meet the Chinese Lumberjack Who Slept With an Alien   Huffington Post - April 9, 2015

He woke to find himself floating above his bed. As his wife slumbered beneath him, a 10-foot-tall, 6-fingered alien woman with thighs coated in braided hair straddled his waist. Meng and the alien copulated for 40 minutes.

Australia - Interactive map shows every recorded UFO sighting since 1933 - April 9, 2015

quest for intelligent extra terrestrial life has many of us gazing skyward trying to find any traces of their activity. UFO sighting over the past century have become almost as common as they are mystifying and intriguing. Just last month, the internet was miffed when a clip of a high speed UFO whizzing over California went viral. UFO sighting capture popular imagination like nothing else and can lead to the craziest conspiracy theories, including Larry Holcombe's idea that aliens played a part in the death of JFK.

  UFO? Smoke Ring? Apocalypse? Mysterious Black Ring Appears In Skies Above Kazakhstan   Huffington Post - April 9, 2015
Creepy footage emerging from Kazakhstan shows a mysterious black and smoky ring hovering in the sky. The mysterious sight disappeared into thin air after two minutes on camera above the small town of Shortandy, near the capital of Astana on Saturday morning.

Virtually all pilots believe in UFOs   Daily Mail - April 9, 2015
A veteran pilot, who flew President Obama's campaign plane, has revealed that he has seen a UFO flying through the sky.

Daily UFO Headlines 4/9/15   Open Minds - April 9, 2015