Friday, July 31, 2015

Full Moon

July 31, 2015 - Leo Sun - Full Moon 7° Aquarius

A Native American God Watches ...

Wednesday July 29, 2015 with Ron at Foxwoods Native American Resort Casino

Indulging my Sweet Tooth

Last Comic Standing

There's nothing I enjoy more than comedy. Here I am Thursday in front of Comix at Foxwoods.

Wednesday night, Ron and I enjoyed a comedy competition called "Last Comic Standing".

These guys were really funny.

I did stand-up comedy long ago. In the energies of a full moon in Aquarius - my Leo Moon really wanted to get up on the stage and entertain. Wrong time ... wrong place ... as 12 semi-finalists competed. The four contestants who won were definitely my choice. Meet John who drove up from Bay Ridge to compete. I live on 4th Avenue and 101st Street. John lives on 4th Avenue and 79th Street. John came in second and goes on to the finals. Good luck, John!

Thanks Ellie ... Back at you!

In June I met a car service driver, a Brooklyn man in his 50's, who has been a stand up comic for over 30 years. Is Z trying to tell me something? When I walked through the casino Wednesday night, I heard voices from above saying, "We're watching!" But was it Z or ... as I looked up at the endless security cameras and the tinted one-way glass ceiling in the casino ... did I receive a telepathic message from someone who works there?




After breakfast, Ron and I took a few more pics ...

with the casino manager, Tom Haggert, who stopped to have a few laughs.

On the way home we stopped to visit my son-in-law Ryan at his car dealership Landrover Milford which will be moving to Fairfield, Connecticut in 2016. At the dealership I met the wonderful people who work for Ryan and gave short readings to several of them.

After lunch, Ron and I headed back to the city. About half way home, the summer heat wave gave way to thunderstorms creating highway flooding as we crept along wondering why we're stuck in this 2015 design with antiquated travel.

As we crossed over the Whitestone Bridge ... a strong bolt of lighting flashed in front of us as we reached the top. Another message from Z? We weren't scared ... and no one was hurt as the lightning missed the bridge. Sometimes life seems so surreal.