Wednesday, July 29, 2015

To the Moon
in 4 Hours

Enter the EMP Drive.. Make no mistake. This is soft disclosure. We already have these drives and abilities and have craft that use them. My guess is that we have already greatly improved this. I also wonder what else has not been disclosure. Clearly, this is all in preparation of a future information release.

The Boggle Threshold: How Open-Minded Are 'Open-Minded' Scientists?   Epoch Times - July 29, 2015
"Boggle threshold" is a term coined by writer and historian Rene Haynes (1906-1994). She defined it as "the level above which the mind boggles when faced with some new fact or report or idea." Last year, T.M. Luhrmann wrote about Haynes' own boggle threshold in an article for The New York Times: Haynes herself was fine ... with telepathy; hesitant about reincarnation; but appalled that a woman had flown across the Atlantic to have her torn 'aura' repaired by a guru expert in invisible mending.

Ghostly spaceman, unexplained car crashes and mythical beasts: How Britain is full of supernatural mysteries which may never be solved   Daily Mail - July 29, 2015
From mysterious beasts to ghostly apparitions, Britain seems to have experienced more than its fair share of supernatural phenomena.While some - such as the Loch Ness Monster and Jack the Ripper - are globally famous, others have remained more obscure.And although many of the mysteries have been written off as perfectly natural happenings, none has ever been comprehensively solved or debunked.

Mt. Shasta: Where Seekers and Spiritualists Converge - July 29, 2015
As I approach Mount Shasta on Highway 89, the thick clouds slide away for a second to show its peak. In the same way that my first response to seeing a black bear is, What a big Labrador! my brain initially reaches for the everyday explanation: The mountaintop must actually be a cloud. ItÕs too many degrees above the horizon; it rises too steeply - it doesn't look the way mountains look.

Mysterious white balls seen flying over Japan- Watch   Zee News - July 29, 2015

July's Crop Circles   Crop Circle Connector - July 29, 2015
They all have text and YouTube Videos.

Search for Alien life: China rushes to finish world's largest radio telescope   Zee News - July 29, 2015
Beijing: China is hurriedly giving finishing touches to what is being hailed as the world's largest radio telescope designed to find signs of alien life following NASA's recent discovery of 'Earth 2.0' with the planet-hunting Kepler space telescope.

Is Ex-Blink 182 Member Tom Delonge About To Expose UFOs With The President and NASA?   Hacked - July 29, 2015
From their suburb of Poway, California, outside of San Diego, Blink 182 members Tom Delonge and Mark Hoppus met in the early nineties to pen straight forward pop-punk anthems, eventually leading to their 1999 best-selling album, Enema of the State, which moved 15 million records worldwide.

Tennessee witnesses track two triangle UFOs   Open Minds - July 29, 2015
A Tennessee witness at Murfreesboro reported watching two silent, triangle-shaped UFOs crossing the night sky, according to testimony in Case 68378 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

Ronald Reagan on UFOs   - July 29, 2015
On Sept. 21, 1987, then-U.S. President Ronald Reagan gave an address to the United Nations General Assembly. In an often-quoted section of his speech, Reagan asked rhetorical questions and commented about the nations and cultures of the world uniting in common efforts to live in peace and avoid wars and bloodshed.