Tuesday, July 21, 2015


In the third day of the first heatwave in the city - there have been power outages in parts of Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. So far all is well here in Bay Ridge. By tomorrow, it cools off.

Trending are the stories of two men who are inappropriate - Bill Cosby, a sociopath, and Donald Trump who doesn't seem to be able to control his rhetoric. Trump could potentially do some good for the country if he just thought before he spoke. Arrogance is thy name. Could you imagine him and Putin in the same room? And so we will follow them all to see where this leads as if soap operas. Who wrote their scripts? I never connected with Cosby - always considering his animated personality way off, though never seeing the truth about how dysfunctional he is.

When Trump spoke about not serving in the military, it took me back to that timeline ... when men would do anything to get out of the draft ... and they did. Jewish from NY ... we all knew the war in Vietnam was a loser, costing men and taxpayers more than they could afford ... until the next ... as, on and on, we go fighting battles in places where we don't belong. It would be nice to hear his plans on resolving the issues he's addressing - illegal immigrants and the terrible treatment of returning war veterans ... if only he could temper his thoughts and emotions before he speaks ... Our program is really ridiculous.

In the achy breaky world of country music, we find Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert. Once upon a time, there was love and romance, but it was never meant to last - the relationship dying after 4 years, if not earlier. Why did everyone predict they were going to divorce? It was the obvious sadness you experienced when you saw Miranda. Her energies read "disconnected" - happy on the outside - sad within. It may take a while, but she will find another man, have a family, and find happiness in the world of country and western music where everything seems to be about a broken heart, cheating, and drinking.

About Cuba and the US ... This will be a long bumpy road to peaceful coexistence but it's a start.