Friday, July 17, 2015

On the matter of ...

Donald Trump ... Can't believe I am listening to a candidate, but the guy makes sense. Hey, you never know .. 8 years ago we were saying, "Who is Barack Obama?"

Chattanooga Shootings ... While discussing this with neighbors yesterday ... one woman said ... the Muslims are taking over the world.
(Video) Who was Chattanooga shooter Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez?   CNN - July 17, 2015
From popular student to gunman

President Obama is coming to town today around 6pm.

The weather ... one more great day here in the city before things heat up. Aaround the rest of the country things are sizzling. Stay cool.

Caitlyn Jenner .. Great speech at the ESPY awards which brought awareness but understanding and compassion will take years

Mc Donalds ... (Video) McDonald's franchisees are depressed   CNN - July 17, 2015

July 17, 2015

Eid ul-Fitr

Eid ul-Fitr, often abbreviated as simply Eid, is an Islamic
holiday that marks the end of Ramadan, the month of fasting.

This morning, I heard Middle Eastern music in the park and Muslim chants reminding me it was Eid ul-Fitr.

One could not help but notice a police presence as I entered the park ... Hey, this is NYC.

I quickly walked to the far end of the park where a Eid ul-Fitr celebration was ending as the music played on.

In the park I met a man named Mahmoud, his family, and other Egyptians who live locally.

Mahmoud told me about his life here over the past 20 years and that he feels safe. He currently works as a taxi driver as many Egyptians, and other foreigners do. I told about my experiences in Egypt during Ramadan years ago and meet Sherif whose real first name is Mahmoud. We talked about Isis potentially entering Egypt, but he said the Egyptian army was too strong. One should not underestimate the power Isis has over the minds of the mentally ill and wounded souls who seek purpose. Just yesterday in Chattanooga, Tennessee Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez opened fire on two military installations killing four members of the United States Marine Corps. Three others were wounded. Abdulazee was killed at the site of the second shooting. Fort Hamilton is just down the block from the park ... the gates currently closed.

Ellie's Totem Animal: the Great White Shark

We are in the energies of the New Moon 23° Cancer ... To look for something new coming up in your life, close your eyes and ask.

I see a smiling male great white shark (it was all white) jumping up in the water and eating a somewhat smaller fish ... this is obviously a metaphor. I searched shark symbolism and also discovered the shark as a totem animal. This so suits me...

    The shark totem is one with crystalline expression conveying a message of sleek authority on all fronts of survival. Those who connect with the shark totem will be masters at survival in their own waters of life. Shark people are extremely adept at summing up social situations and manipulating people and events - not necessarily in a negative way.

    People with the shark totem navigate through life with a specialized "gut-rudder" or primal instinct. It's a visceral, hard-wired knowing that guides certain humans. It's infallible, reliable, and geared for one thing only: To protect and unveil sacred knowledge.

    The shark is both oracle and embodiment of fundamental life. It relays root-chakra energy because of its superior instinct, and a remarkable drive for survival. Sharks are symbolic of acting on life - never waiting for opportunity. They are not handmaiden's to the life experience. Far from it. Because they are authorities on life - they know precisely what it's about and they seize it with verve. This is made manifest by their constant motion. They move to allow oxygenated currents to roll over their gills. Their motion through life - actively moving forward - insures their existence.

    For those who embrace their shark totem - it identifies the tendency for forward momentum in life. If sharks swim in your awareness, it's very likely you are extremely driven and perpetually moving forward. You meet life full-on. You rarely stay in the "shallow end" of life, but prefer to move deftly through the waves of experience - encountering adventure with undeniable exuberance.

    For all this zealous talk of life, the shark is also symbolically equipped to share lessons of death too. Sharks know death is a fallacy. They have no concept of it. Sharks are in a constant state of renewal, and those with the shark totem will confirm the absence of death. Sharks - and humans attuned to sharks - will only see renewal and transition.

    Sharks are superior organisms. From tail to teeth, sharks convey perpetual fluidity and momentum. They are examples of progress in its most assertive stages. To wit, their biological mechanisms are so elite, they've had no need to evolve over insane spans of time. They function from a place of timeless propulsion. Ever-forward. Perhaps it is the sharks unsinkable nature that makes it a bit of a cold character (energetically speaking). Sharks are about aerodynamic efficiency, and they allow no fluff to enter their consciousness. They're quite austere and are wrapped in robes of distance and mystery.

    Those with shark totems will display similar aloofness. Inwardly, they sense the waves of emotions within and around them. Yet, outwardly they are cool, controlled, steely. This makes people of the shark clan extremely good businessmen/women, leaders and visionaries. It's important to note the inherent duality here. The element of water is esoterically symbolic of emotions, dreams and intuition - and yet the shark conveys a sterility in emotion. To be clear, the shark is not symbolically devoid of emotion, rather, it is a master of emotion. This symbolic lesson is tantamount for humankind.

    Their lesson is: We can be submerged in emotional dramas, but we do not have to be swallowed by them.

    Possible Shark Totem Messages:

      Be active in life.
      Attune to natural instinct.
      Be propelled forward (do not regress) in your evolution.
      Although surrounded by emotions, you need not be consumed by them.
      Swim the path of least resistance in life, be efficient and direct in your navigations.

    Shark Totem symbols:














      Perpetual Motion




      Unique Vision

The Pagoda in the Park

Thursday July 16, 2015 - Today was one of those picture perfect days that makes you want to connect with nature.

Off I went to the park where I happened upon Ronald and Anna sitting in the pagoda talking about chakras.

We took a few pictures then sat on a bench discussing metaphysics, politics, and social issues.

Ron closed his eyes and saw white light then lots of colors.

My earrings were a gift from a female client visiting here from Bali who makes jewelry from gemstones.

Another adventure in the park wearing those earrings ...