Wednesday, July 15, 2015

On the matter of ...

Amazon Prime Day ... Can't find anything I like or need ...

New World Heritage Sites ... This year, 24 sites from across the globe have been added to the heralded Unesco list   Smithsonian - July 15, 2015

Greece ... Greece's MPs are set to debate tough economic measures they must approve by the end of the day in order for a eurozone bailout deal to go ahead.   BBC - July 15, 2015

Iran ... nuclear deal: US conservatives condemn agreement ... It doesn't work for me either.

US ... Republicans candidates for USA president ... 15 so far

Mexico ... Cartels ... Where is 'El Chapo' Guzman? Is he threatening Donald Trump? "The Don" asks FBI to investigate

Mexico ...(Video) Mexico's 'Volcano of Fire' Lives Up to its Name ... the worst may be yet to come

Lenticular Clouds ... (Video) 'UFO Cloud' Creeps Out Terrace, B.C

Terrace is already home to other-worldly senses. Strange howling noises have been caught on camera over the past few years.

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