Monday, July 13, 2015

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Greek Debt Crisis ... Eurozone leaders agree to a deal over Greece after night-long talks   BBC - July 13, 2015

How many Republicans are running for president?

Comic Con SD ... The five biggest OMG moments from Comic-Con   CNN - July 13, 2015
1. Bryan Cranston drops the mic on a fan
2. The biggest superhero selfie of all time?
3. Bill Murray kicks off Comic-Con
4. The Joker in the crowd
5. Harrison Ford appears, smooches Carrie Fisher

Last Look at Pluto's Charon Side   APOD - July 13, 2015

Pluto surface is strange. As the robotic New Horizons barrels toward its closest approach to Pluto and its moons tomorrow, images already coming back show Pluto's surface to be curiouser and curiouser. The featured image, taken two days ago, shows the side of Pluto that always faces Pluto's largest moon Charon. Particularly noteworthy is the dark belt near the bottom that circles Pluto's equator. It is currently unclear whether regions in this dark belt are mountainous or flat, why boundaries are so sharply defined, and why the light regions seem to be nearly evenly spaced. As New Horizons will be flying past the other side of Pluto, this should be the best image of this distant landscape that humanity sees for a long time. Assuming the robotic spacecraft operates as hoped, images taken of the other side of Pluto, taken near closest approach, will be about 300 times more detailed.

New Horizons in 'great shape' for Pluto flyby   BBC - July 13, 2015
In the early hours of Monday (GMT), the American space agency probe moved to within a million miles of the dwarf planet and was closing in rapidly.

July 14, 1789

Bastille Day
The end of the Monarchy and the beginning of the First Republic

History of France